Sunday, May 20, 2007

Can’t get any more minimalist than that!!

I had to create a couple of birthday cards today for a couple of “in-laws”.

The first, for a woman, fairly traditional style and, as I have been doing Page Accents this weekend with the Scrapbuddies Crop, I thought I’d stay with the theme.

So turning to some scraps, I came up with a card.

I did use a printout from my PC using some free downloads of digi scrapbooking, and placing them into Word… bit of a challenge but I managed it! I am currently waiting for my Photoshop Elements 5 to arrive so that I can dip my toe into the world of digital, possibly combining that and traditional “touchy feely - cut and stick” scrapbooking layouts.

Something for Free - always a good sign
I have to say thank you to for the free downloads… you should check out the site, there are lots of free bits and pieces including full kits… very generous and ideal for starting into digital scrapbooking layouts.

I used a couple of items from the “Festival” kit - a "Swirlie frame" on top of the "paper sack" background, upon which I added a text frame. This is the quote mounted in the middle.

Now then… the second of the two cards… bit of a story there!

This card is for my brother-in-law Neil. When we were visiting a year or so ago, my sister-in-law, Claire, was very interested in what I had brought with me to show as to what I get up to in my spare time (for spare time, read “enforced creative time” – I don’t know anyone who has “spare time”… do you?!!).

Anyway, my brother-in-law, bless him, commented that it was all a bit “Arty-Farty” as far as he was concerned. Of course we (my husband and I) have been having digs about this comment ever since!

I have, since then, sent a fully crafted card to his wife, and two daughters… and now it’s his turn! There were two ways I could have gone with this, one was to really over-do-it, and the other was to really under-do-it!

As you can see I chose the latter! Can’t get any more minimalist than that!!

Inside the card is a little bit of writing at the very top of the card and the usual ‘to and from’ stuff tucked into the bottom right hand corner… the rest is completely blank! I think he’ll see the funny side!!

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