Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Circle Album pages, the Seaside & an Autumn walk

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 25th October 2009

A few posts this week... excuse me while I keep this short! Click on the titles to see the full articles. I will be posting more finished pages next week.... oh and a card.

More Circle Mini Album Pages
Ok, so… as promised in the previous post here are the other pages I created in my circle mini album.

Southwold Seaside Pictures
My mum visited us last weeked for a couple of days and we managed some scrapbooking together, which was nice. She bought me some stash for my birthday, including a pack of Basic Grey “Porcelain” and some Rhonna Farrer mini bag-o-buttons in “French Twist” Colours - both being basically pale greens and pinks… which happen to be my mum’s favourites… luckily I quite like them too!...

Autumn Photos
I am very pleased (on a regular basis) that I finally took the plunge to get a mobile phone with a decent camera in it! I even saved myself £10 per month in the process which was a bonus! But it means I can take pictures wherever I go, as I almost always have the phone with me....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heartfelt blog post and a Circular Mini Album

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 18th October 2009

I'm going to keep this update very short... and the first link will explain why.
And I just want to explain also that Blogger has managed to mess about with my layout of this blog post (yet again) by taking out all the paragraph returns that I put in! So I apologise for the mess!
I do hope you are well this week and scrapbooking merrily.
I can report that I have finally started on an album which is of a holiday to Disney Paris in 2007!
I managed to complete the cover and the first two pages yesterday and plan to continue till it's done, rather than putting it away again. Only about another 125 pictures to go then!!!!
Other blog posts worth looking at this week...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crop-A-Dile Video, a Sketch, Challenge and a Mickey Mouse Layout!

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 11th October 2009

I've had a busy week, published the latest issue of the Simply Scrapbooking Now Newsletter, had a birthday and then my demo at the ScrapBuddies crop yesterday! No still not slowing down, but I am working on it!

I did actually manage an 8x8 scrapbook page (right) which was made as part of the Basic Grey Challenge's Blog sketch challenge for this past week. Link to that below.

I have just finished the first in a series of pages for my "Intentional Scrapbooking" and you'll see that soon.

What the dickins is that?" you may well ask. Well Intentional Scrapbooking is about scrapbooking your intentions, such as what you want in life, affirmations, positive messages, etc. But you make these for you.

If you know what a "vision board" is then it is a similar thing to that, but as you are actively creating these pages, instead of just cutting out things you want to have or be, you are generating more powerful signals to the universe and hopefully your intentions will come to be mroe quickly.

Does that sound a bit "woo woo" to you? Well I will be talking about it more shortly, and explaining that Scrapbooking IS a form of therapy, more so than just say beadmaking, becuase it is a form of expression, but rather than making pages about past events... with Intentional Scrapbooking you are creating pages about your future and how you WANT it to be.

So onto this week's Round-Up...

Mickey Mouse Layout - Basic Grey Challenge
I decided to join in with the Basic Grey Challenges Blog this week and so here is my interpretation of the sketch…
It’s an 8×8 scrapbook page. I have noticed that there are mostly cards posted on the challenge blog as examples, but I scrapbooked it...


Video Tutorial - Sewing using Templates on your Pages and Cards
Stitching, using fibres such as embroidery threads, can add a lovely touch to scrapbook layouts and, indeed greetings cards. There are companies that make templates for such a technique, but of course you are limited to their designs.
You can print out any image, keeping it simple of course, and use that as a simple template...


Scrapbooking Product Review:

If you just want to set eyelets on your pages, then there are cheaper alternatives, but if you want to punch holes in thick media, such as chipboard, (apparently even leather, plastic, metal, acrylic, fabric, wood and poly - although I haven’t tried any of those myself!) the a Crop-A-Dile is probably a good buy for you.


October 09 Sketch & Challenge
Here is the Sketch for this month. It’s a multi-photo (well dual-photo anyway!) scrapbook page, however I think I may use one large photo instead of 2 smaller ones when I create my page...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

3rd Mini Album Video, Cup Cake Card Tutorial & Inspiration

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 4th October 2009

I've spent best part of yesterday and today away from my laptop. Why? Because I thin k I'm suffering a little with "burn-out"! I need to ease off! I tried to scrapbook yesterday, for myself, but ended up making 2 scrapbooking videos instead... I just can't help myself apparently!

However I did spend the whole morning with Inde preparing and practising at a Public Agility Display. His first outing in public and I wasn't sure what he's do (he's a bit nervous!) but he was excellently behaved!

Anyway enough waffle... here's the round up...

3 Easy 4×4 mini albums - Video Tour 3
Here is the last in the series of short videos showing you the three mini scrapbook albums I made using just one piece of 8×8 cardstock and patterned paper each. This album is quite “girly” using more K&Co Papers “Sparkly Sweet”. All the albums are 4×4 and quite cute really! ...


“Man Card” Video - funny!
Only us crafters would find this funny! The description of the video - “How to make a hand made card with tools already in your garage! “...


Scrapbook Sketchbook Winners announced - Video Draw!
I posted a video of me drawing the names out of a hat (literally) for the sketchbook giveaway, all three winners have now contacted me, but you mayt still like to see the video...


Some inspiration from across the web now...

Christmas is early this year by Jeja


A Cupcake tutorial from Ingvild
Yes they DO look good enough to eat I reckon!


A New Star...

Scrapworld... suffice to say there is loads of scrapbook inspiration on this lady's blog, she's on a number of design teams, which should tell you she's good!