Sunday, June 28, 2009

Double Page Layout Scrapbooking Tips, Freebie Hybrid Papers and Apples!!

Sunday's Weekly Round-Up 28th June 2009

We have had some lovely weather this week, I have been outside, but as it's difficult to see my Laptop screen outside I have to be indoors for all that stuff, and then there's scrapbooking itself... you can't take it outside, especially if there is a breeze!

So actually I have spent a lot of it indoors one way or another! A few years ago (before scrapbooking) I used to spend most of waking hours in the garden... hardly do anything now, but then I have about a 10th of the size garden now!

Anyway, here are the articles over on the SundayLDesigns blog

Two papers for a Double Page Layout and a Title-on-Picture Tip
A recent Double Page Layout made from only two 12x12 patterned papers and how I managed that one, plus an explanation of the unusual title block on the right hand page... (not pictured here!) Read More>>


Making a Masked Page Accent Area on a Scrapbook Page
Following on from the article showing the techniques used on the right hand scrapbooking page of the “Arrrrrhhh” double page layout, I thought I would share with you how I made the Page Accent Area on the left hand page...

Read More>>


Hybrid Background Papers Subscriber Freebie
I uploaded some brand new Hybrid Scrapbooking Papers last night! And if you are a Subscriber to my Newsletter, then you will have received an email with a link to a page which has some instantly downloadable papers! Look at these…

Read More>>


Peeled in One
I bought some pink apples for my daughter recently, in an attempt to make fruit more appealing to her! The type of apple is called “Pink Lady” and the batch we have at the moment are really shiny and lovely to look at...

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Scraplift, A Baby Card and The Wow Factor!

Sunday's Weekly Round-Up 21st June 2009

I had the pleasure of attending a crop yesterday 10.30-4 and I managed to create a page from scratch, or should I say "sketch" or maybe even "scraplift"... confused? Well all is revealed in the blogpost listed first below.

This week I have managed to get a lot of those niggly little business bits and pieces done, and I filmed a couple of page tours (with some TIPS) which I will edit and show sometime soon!

So here is the round up of recent articles over on the blog...

Scraplifting - using Someone Else’s Page as Inspiration
A couple of weeks ago I posted a link on the weekly update on the SSN Blog to Chelsea Cook’s blog to show you her scrapbooking layouts which are lovely. I also said that I would “Scraplift” one of them.
Well actually I decided to make Sketch using a couple of Chelsea’s layouts (from her gallery) for the June SimplyScrapbookingNow Newsletter. And I made my own 12×12 scrapbook page yesterday from the sketch and it looks like this…

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Ripped Paper Technique - Baby Girl Card
Here is a card I made recently for a couple who had a baby girl a week or so ago. I have used the Ripped Paper Technique to create the flower (link to more Tutorial and Video below), and drawn on stitches to give it a hand stitched look.

Read More>>

The Wow Factor - Heritage Scrapbook Page
I saw a layout today over on Ingvild Bolme’s blog which is so fantastic I just HAD to write about it straight away on here!

Look at this… Read More>>


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Patchwork Style Scrapbooking, Video and Multiphoto Layouts

Sunday's Weekly Round-Up 14th June 2009

I have been busy this week, I published the June issue of the SimplyScrapbookingNow Newsletter (you can sign up for free, link top left of this blog).

I have made some more pages too, which I will show you shortly, and we had another successful Crop at ScrapBuddies yesterday... despite a strong bout of Hayfever on my part! We were playing with Shrinkles this month, great fun!

So here is the round up of recent articles over on the blog...

Don’t get Hung Up with Themes
I have come across many an ‘over-themed’ scrapbooking page in my time. I mean those pages which, say, are about a most loved pet dog, and which are just overflowing with images of dog bones, kennels, collars, food bowls… and on and on.
I’m sorry, but some people can just go over the top! And I’m not just talking about the creators of the pages, but also the manufacturers.

Patchwork Style Scrapbooking
There are a number of ways that you can achieve a “patchwork” feel to your scrapbooking pages, and indeed this style can be used to great effect on cards too.
I call this a “style” as opposed to a technique because, as I am about to show, you can achieve the look in a number of ways.

Scrapbooking Page Tour Video by SundayL “Laugh Together”
Here is another “Scrapbooking Page Tour” Video! The first Video Page Tour about a page entitled ”Curls” is HERE.
This is about the page I made to show a “Patchwork style” scrapbooking layout, called “Laugh Together”.

Lovely Clean, Simple Multi-Photo Layouts

Here are some examples of scrapbook layouts by Crystal Brothers. I like her clean and simple style, and the fact that a lot of her layouts are multi-photo, and as you see below I'm talking 2, 5 and 6 photos.

Take a look at Crystal's pages and see that there are not many elements to the layouts, and yet the positioning and choice of the few papers and embellishments on them work really well.

Do check out her blog, I have certainly started to "follow" it and I may well have to make one of Crystal's layout the subject of another "ScrapLift"!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Scrapbooking Video, Podcast and 300 year old letters!

Sunday's Weekly Round-up 7th June 09

I have definitely been going all "multi media" this past week! On Tuesday I uploaded my very first podcast to the SundayLDesigns blog. It's about the Scrapbooking Page below and there are some tips about scrapbooking without photographs and making economical use of double sided paper. Read More>>

I have also uploaded a short video showing you some very old (300 years old) letters which I have scanned in for use in my latest collection of Hybrid Scrapbooking Papers pictured below.

Here is a preview of a set of 12 8x8 background papers for Hybrid Scrapbooking. The collection is called "Colourful Beauty by SundayL" and will be available soon on

As for other things...

Here is a fantastic layout by Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious. It's simply titled "U". I love the way Irene gives so much attention to detail in her layouts. She has a distinctive style which creates interest on many levels. You can see this in the close up pictures she includes on her blog with details of how she achieved the look too. Check out her blog post>>