Sunday, April 26, 2009

Video Tour of a Scrapbook Page made using Hybrid Background Papers

I thought, this week I would make a new video for you all! It is what I call a "Page Tour" and I thought it would be a nice and more interesting way to show you a recent layout I have made. I explain more in the video.
The video has come out a little dark, I think due to the strong contrast because of the sunlight streaming through my window at the time. Do make sure you click the "HQ" button at the bottom of the little video window to view in High Quality Video.
Anyway... after watching it, tell me what you think, does a video of a scrapbooking page give you more details? or is a still picture just as good?
Also I have posted any links mentioned in this post below the video itself, such as a picture of the papers from the Pink Damask Collection by Design SundayL (yep, me!) and also below there are a couple of cards (from Sally and Dawn) made using the papers from this collection too.

Here is the preview of papers... click the image to take you straight to the relevant page on the website, scroll down for the papers.

Below are a couple of cards made using this collection of papers... the first is by Sally

And the second one (below) is by Dawn.

Thanks to both of them for trying out the Pink Damask Collection papers and designing these lovely cards.

And here is a quick card (20 minutes!) that I made with my 5 year old daughter as a thank you card to one of her friends (and her parents) for including her in a small gathering of girls for a birthday party at a "Build a Bear" Shop! She came home with a lovely (and quite large) panda bear!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scrapbooking Inspiration from alternative sources

I bought my first ever issue of Vogue magazine recently. I was thumbing through a Christmas issue in the local library and thoroughly enjoyed all it's sumptuous colours and bling... as you would imagine in a festive issue of such a mag!

But whilst flicking through the pages, I starting to be inspired by it's content for use on my scrapbooking pages and other art and fabric projects... BUT, probably not in the way you might think.

My inspiration came from the fact that ANYTHING GOES! That's right, it's a point of fact that any celebrity can be photographed in a paper bag and all his/her followers rush out to buy said paper bag, or an off-the-shelf copy!!!!

If I sound cynical, then yes I am... or should I say I WAS! BUT I no longer tut and say "good grief" under my breath when I see stick insect models with "designed" hair that just looks like they have come through a hedge backwards with pale, drawn, sunken eyes (intentionally painted that way) and pouting, moody lips in a pose that looks akin to needing the toilet!

My Photograph... an Ode to the Handbag "shot" mag page!!! And yes, it's a new handbag and a COMPLETE departure from my normal Black, or Brown utilitarian... will go with anything... usual choice! LOL Do I look moody enough do you reckon?

No, no, no... I rejoice nowadays in the thought that if it's ok to put a blurred picture of a product, such as a tiny clutch bag, on an ill looking model in some Carribean backdrop in the pages of Vogue, then frankly whatever I want to create by way of scrapbooking, art or any other creation is just dandy!

"Stop punishing yourself, Sunday!... stop crtisicing yourself so much that you stop before you even start for fear of it Not Being Good Enough"

Good enough for who anyway?

So I have ripped some pages from this magazine and discarded the rest... and I will go and buy another, because it does inspire me! If they can do it... I can do it and so can you. Why not put whatever the latest fashion is in your next layout? A scrapbooking page with floral print in it, that seems to be the rage now... oh and animal print I understand is BIG news for this season don't you know!

My challenge to you this week... make a self portrait page... put on it whatever the hell you like (within reason) and go mad... then post me a link or send me an email and I'll put it up here. Make a "THIS IS ME" page. I will be making mine (the first of many) this week and will show you all.

Have fun!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Freebie Cardmaking Kit and Hybrid Scrapbooking

Hello all! A day late... sorry but I had Flu! Thank you to Eileen and Sally for their comments on the last post!

So... I have a FREEBIE CardMaking Kit for you! The link below will take you to a page on the new website. There you will find a tutorial, a video tutorial and the link to the download itself.

This is the Card... and there is a more simple version for complete beginners too.

As you can see from the second photograph there is also a pretty insert too.

The card is a Birthday Card or a Mother's Day card (still to come this year in the States I believe), both options are in the kit.

The Card is designed from the Pink Damask Collection (the 12 papers kit preview below - which is available on the site, along with an envelope and tag kit to match the card).

Below is a card I have made using some of the papers from the kit... yep, they're blue/green! So a very versatile kit as it's not all pink!

However, there is also a Blue Damask Collection on it's way soon, first part of which is a scrapbooking page and card kit with papers, word art and embellishments.

CLICK HERE to take you to the freebie Hybrid CardMaking Kit... and yes there will be more freebies on their way!

Oh... and a PS... last Thursday I was taking part in an Aston Martin Drive Experience - a voucher my hubby bought me for my birthday last year...

Yes... that IS me driving... with a lovely crash helmet on! LOL I have no idea what speed I managed to get the V12 up to, but I would say over the ton on occasion! (100mph) mere walking pace for such a car!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

2 Videos - Stitch & Craft Show and a Paper Tearing Technique

Well it's been fun and games at my house!... I have finally managed to edit the videos from the Stitch and Craft show, but only because I have borrowed someone else's machine to do it! (see end)

So below is that video of the Stitch and Craft Show and underneath that is another video! That one is about How to Make Layered Flowers by ripping paper. Quite a useful technique... especially if you have forgotten your scissors! LOL The flowers can be used for scrapbooking pages and for cards, both of which I show you in the "How To" Video.

I hope you enjoy them!

As I mentioned above I, and my computer shop owning friend have spent hours trying to figure out why not one, but two video editing suites won't work on my laptop after it's new hard drive!! I am determined to conquer... not giving up on this one!