Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scrapbooking OFF the Page, Card for a Man & a Quick Card

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 30th August 2009

Hello, I've been down to my mum's again this week with my daughter - last time before Honey goes back to school! We have been making cards together! I have decided to make a load from a huge kit I bought from QVC to sell at the school Christmas fair - although the cards aren't Christmassy!! But then there are other things going on at that time of year like birthdays!

Anyway, I promised to show you my "Thank You For..." Canvas which I made at the crop I went to last week, so it's here, and I have blog posted a couple of recent cards, plus there's some more scrapbooking inspiration from across the web (at the end).


“Thank You For…” Scrapbooking Canvas
Time to Scrapbook outside the Page! I found a couple of mini canvases going cheap in a local framing shop and thought I would do a little “altering”. This canvas is 5 inches square and I decided to make a “Thank You” reminder for my room. I have already made a “Thank you” Layout and this adds to my collection. Maybe this will inspire you to make something similar...


Wedding Anniversary card for a Man
Us ladies always struggle to know what to make for the men in our lives (in the way of crafting). There is little in the way of inspiration on the net that is specicifically for men unless it’s sport related, or beer etc. Well in scrapbooking, I always go for the sort of colours that my husband wears if it’s a layout about or even if i make a mini album for him as a gift, as he’s not really into sporty, drink or car related themes and frankly… neither am I! ...


A Quick, Easy and Simple Sunny Card
Here’s a card I made very quickly and simply. It was a get well card really and I wanted it to be bright and cheerful, plus the person for who I made the card likes yellows and that end of the rainbow!
I made use of a piece of Que Sera Sera paper (K&Co) a few buttons, [...]


Other ideas from across the Web...

More Scrapbooking OFF the Page

Rachel over on her blog shows another way to use scrapbooking stash around the home with these lovely frames, bought on the cheap! It's amazing what can be achieved with a few patterned papers and embellishments...


A recent blog post by Courtney Baker includes this effective layout. Simple, fairly quick and 3 photos! A great example of how keeping it simple can look good! ...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Scrapbook Layout, the back of it, Chocolate Wrappers and more!

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 23rd August 2009

Hi there all!

Been a lovely week of weather over in my neck of the woods, although I haven't sunbathed! Whenever my daughter is busy playing with the various neighbours children in the close here I seem to gravitate towards my computer and designing, writing and generally learning!

I went to a Crop on Saturday which was nice and I actually did some "off Page" scrapbooking... more of that (including photos) in next week's roundup.

So on to this week's posts...

“Just Because It Makes Me Happy” Scrapbook Page Layout
Here is a recent 12×12 Scrapbook Page Layout I created. It is a “Self-Indulgent” page! By that I mean that I have made the page for ME!It was actually for a challenge a friend and I set for ourselves. The challenge was to scrapbook something that made us happy, didn’t matter what it was ...

Revealing the Backside of a Scrapbook Page
In the last article I showed you a scrapbook page layout - “Just Because It Makes Me Happy“. Well As promised here is the back of that page, and as you can see below… I’ve been “gutting” again! ...

How I Made Chocolate Bar (Candy Bar) Wrappers
In the last article I showed you the Birthday Vouchers I made for my husband. Well here is a picture of the 5 small bars of chocolate I also gave him, I left them around the house for him to find...

And to other people on the net...

Using a Crop-a-dile to create a punched border
I came across a blog recently which showed a natty little technique for making a punched border, using a Crop-a-dile. This example is on a card, but you could easily use the same technique for a scrapbook page layout too.

Here is a lovely layout on one of the blogs I follow. It's by Jeja and this scrapbook page plus two others (all of which are elegant) are on THIS post. I just like their gentle elegance and I may even scraplift one of them.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Multi-photo Page and Birthday Card and Gift for a Man

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 16th August 2009

Well hello there everyone. I am happy to say that my chicken pox is clearing up! Hopefully be the end of next week I will be back to normal... whatever that is!!

I want to say congratulations to Jessica Ennis who won the World Athletics Gold for the Pentathlon - she won Gold for Great Britain. I'm not a sport fan, but she has inspired me to carry on with things in my life, despite my thinking "what's the point", as she has come back to take Gold after nursing a fracture (or possibly broken) ankle only last year. Watching her celebrate this evening, gave me the kick up the arse I needed! So THANK YOU Jessica.

Right then, Oh I made some Dog Agility Equipment today! I will take a photo soon, and maybe even some video... not of the equipment, cs that would be boring..! I meant I will take some video of Inde working the equipment! There's only some jumps and a hoop (or Tyre), but it's good for practise of my commands and getting him to go where he is supposed to!

Anyway, on to things crafty and the Round Up for this week - click the titles to read more.

Birthday Vouchers for a Man!
This is the case for the Vouchers I made for my husband recently as part of his birthday present. What do you buy the man who has everything? LOL ...


Birthday card for a Man
It was my husband’s birthday at the end of last month and so I made a card, of course! Well I think he’d be diasspointed if I didn’t after the last few years. However, this is the first time, for a long time, that I didn’t make one with a photograph of us on the front, but I didn’t have a great deal of time, and plumped for a more traditional greetings card, and so created this....


“At Last” Scrapbook Page - Multi-Photo
In a recent article I talked about making your own bracket shaped templates. I use my templates for all sorts, such as mats, embellishments and journaling blocks.In the Scrapbook Page below I have used the template I made in that article, to cut a large journaling block, this time from the freebie paper which I gave ...
A little something else...
My friend Dawn was talking about this Cake she called a "Nappy Cake" on our UKS Team Group and I couldn't get my head around what she was talking about! Now she has posted a picture and "Recipe" on her blog... I have been put out of my misery!... go on, I know you are curious too now!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Make your own Bracket templates, Sketch & Challenge and an Evening Walk

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 9th August 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that my daughter had chicken pox... well I now have them BIG TIME! There isn't a square inch that doesn't have a bump... enough said! Just have sympathy for me as I sit and write this covered in itching skin!

Anyway, to try to take my mind off things I did actually finish a page that was half done for ages, but I've not achieved much else for around 5 days!

However, I did manage to post a couple of things on the SLD blog - so here is the Round-up...

Quick Way to Create Bracket Shapes for Scrapbook Pages and Cards
Here is a quick way to make bracket shaped pieces of paper and card for your Scrapbook Pages, your Cards and anything else you may want them for.
First, cut a piece of scrap paper Read More>>


Scrapbooking Sketch and Challenge for August 09
Here is the Scrapbooking Sketch this month. It’s a multi-photo layout, well it makes use of two photos at least! If you don’t have scalloped paper, but you have a corner rounder punch (athough some corner rounders aren’t suitable) you can make your own scalloped paper… see this article.
As for this month’s Challenge… Read More>>


This item isn't about crafting but I thought you might like to see it anyway!

An Evening Walk with the Dogs
I went for a summer’s evening walk with the dogs a week or more ago. It’s taken this long to sort them out and upload them here, but I thought I would share some of the photographs I snapped. I took these pictures before the fields were harvested, which the farmer has been doing all this last week.
First I thought I’d show you a picture of my border collie “Inde”. See More>>


Now for Blog Hopping.

Mini Scrapbook Albums
This is a link to a site called It has a long list of step by step tutorials for min albums such as paper bags albums, exploding boxes, circle albums and many more and well worth a look.

Irene Tan of "Scraperlicous" blog fame has posted her challenge over on the Scrap It Lah Challenge blog.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Poolside Scrapbooking, decorated letter blocks, cow mini albums, and interior design

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 2nd August 2009

Well I have been visiting my folks in Surrey (here in the UK) for a few days, and we actually ended up with my mum, my sister, her eldest daughter, myself and my daughter all making a mini scrapbook album each! very unusual for all to do something together like that, and it was nice! Three generations scrapbooking!
I have also spent yet more money on scrapbooking bits and pieces whilst I was out and about down there and when I returned with some lovely lace to share with my mum, she got out a shoe box stuffed with ribbon and lace... forgot she had them and now I had given her an idea of what to do with them! So I ended up with a whole bagful of lengths cut from those too... bonus! I will have to make up some "lacey" scrapbook pages now!

So onto the blog posts over at

Scrapbooking By The Pool
Ok, So it’s not a pretty sight, but it isproof of me “Scrapbooking by the Pool”! Actually this shot was rather dark in the foreground because of the contrast caused by me sitting in the shade and the brightness of the hotel swimming pool in the background. However, my trusy PSE (PhotoShop Elements) allowed me to fiddle with it. Shame I can’t “fiddle” a couple of stone off my body at the same time eh?! LOL

Mini Album - Scrapbook By The Pool
In the last article I showed you what limited supplies I had when on holiday abroad (Majorca) and managed to make a mini album. Well here is the album! This is a Hybrid Scrapbook Album as the papers I have used are from the Colourful Beauty Kit of downloadable papers
As for blog hopping...
Over on the WonderfullyWhimsy Blog there is a lovely post about decorated letter blocks with lots of pictures.

And over on a blog called Scrapsells from Lean there is a lovely mini album with lots of frills and ribbons and girlie stuff, although I note the photos in the album are of "cows"!!! I did notice however that Lean's Dog Misty looks remarkably like my boy Inde... go have a look at her latest layout and see for yourself! Pictures below...

Yeah alright... thay are both border collies! LOL I think it's Misty's expression actually, which looks just like Inde, but I don't have a picture of Inde looking ... "sheepish"... (groaning at bad joke!!)

And Thanks to the blog "Inspirational" for bringing Lean to my attention.

Finally here is a blog I found via Twitter... and I will tell you now that it is NOT a scrapbooking site, infact it has nothing to do with craft at all. It is a collection of beautiful houses and their interiors and worth soaking up the sunny pictures and sense of space, and may be even get a bit of inspiration too!