Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tearooms, Cakes, Sketch and Quick Double Sided Paper

Sunday's Weekly Roundup 13th December 2009

A REAL quicky.... I am moving house in less than 48 hrs! but check out my ANNOUNCEMENT! and here's also the rest of the roundup.

A Scrapbooking Tearoom? Special Announcement!
Oh yes indeed… I have a Special Announcement to make!
I am moving house on Tuesday! Twice in fact and yes… just before Christmas! ...


Scrapbook Page Sketch and Challenge December 09
Another multi-photo layout sketch. This time we have 2 photos, but the emphasis is on the journaling, the story of the page. And it’s a pretty simple page too...


For what can you use Double Sided Paper?
I’ve had lots of comments on the recent video I posted as to how to Quickly make single sided paper into Double sided using stamps!I thought I would just post one of the questions and my answer to it here as it’s relevant!Q: Ibkristycat asked: what are some scrapbooking ideas for using double sided paper?? ...


A little bit of Cake Decorating
Oh here’s a real quicky! Just a little picture of Honey yesterday with the “fairy” birthday cake I decorated for her Birthday Party! If I get time I will upload more photos shortly. And I will also explain why there is a lack of time later ! LOL Oh and my Scrapbooking acrylic sheets and...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Video Tutorial to make Double Sided Paper and Scrapbooking AS Therapy

Sunday's Weekly Round Up 6th December 2009

Wow it's December already! I had a great time at a local crop yesterday and made a mini-album with a kit provided, all a surprise! I was planning on making cards! We have Christmas nibbles and Secret Santa, raffle, etc. It was nice to actually DO some scrapping for myself!

Got lots to tell you about, but will have to wait till next week... however I will be moving house in around 10 days! and then again just before Christmas Day (I hope!) Intrigued...?

I posted the Newsletter Freebie last week, which was a set of printable napkin rings (the straps and the name plates)... in a "silver look" so that they can actually be used for any occasion, just print, cut out, write on your names and stick together... may come in handy. Sign up for the Newsletter to get the instant download, and access to all the others.

So the Round Up then...

Video Tutorial
Make single sided paper, double sided!
I have made a quick video showing how you can use your stamps to create a complimentary design on the back of single sided scrapbook papers to make it double-sided paper...


Scrapbooking AS Therapy
I recently had a conversation with a lady who was telling me that she would have wanted to scrapbook her daughters’ pictures had they not been lost.
She explained that somehow, in circumstances out of her control, the photographs of her 2 daughter’s childhood years had all been lost/destroyed and I could see that this obviously upset her, as it would me too.
However, I explained to her that this is precisely where Scrapbooking can actually help!.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scrapbook Sketch to a page, card inspiration

Sunday's Weekly RoundUp 29th November 2009

I posted a scrapbook layout using one of my sketches this week. As I mentioned in a post back in October, I was thinning out the blog posts for a bit and so there is just the one this week.

However I will be explaining a little why I am sooo busy at the mo... watch this space - it's very exciting, and you will be able to come visit me if you are in the UK!

Multi-photo scrapbook layout
Disney Rain!

I am in the process of making a scrapbook about a holiday we took in 2007 to Disneyland Paris. I realise it’s nearly 2010, but I’ll get there eventually!
I just thought I would show you this page because ...


Here are some blogs worth checking out too...

VanLarrDesigns - some lovely card designs

Pretty Vintage lady image (Christmas theme) free download

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scrapbooking Autumn Quotes and Page Sketch to Card Sketch

Sunday's Weekly Roundup 22nd November 2009

I have been working on a 12 page Christmas Programme for Honey's School Christmas Fair which is next weekend. The master now sits on my desk awaiting it's despatch to the school tomorrow morning. I am relieved it's finished now, but I am disappointed that I haven't been able to do any scrapbooking this weekend. I WILL Scrapbook... I WILL scrapbook... new affirmation! LOL :)

So here's the roundup...

Scrapbooking Quotes for Autumn Pages
How’s about this mushroom then? I thought it definitely looked like something out of a fairytale! I snapped it with my phone when out walking the dogs recently....

... I occasionally get an email from the Scrapbooking section of with new articles. And I thought I would share one of them here. It’s a list of scrapbooking quotes especially for Autumn pages and you may well find them useful....


Adapting a Scrapbook Page Sketch to a Card Sketch
The November 09 Sketch for the Newsletter is a multi-photo Scrapbook page. One large photo and up to 4 smaller photos (and/or blocks of embellishment). As part of my demo at my crop last weekend I wanted to show that you can easily adapt a scrapbok page sketch into a card sketch with only a little adjustment.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scrapbook Sketch, Bon Jovi and a Vintage Card

Sunday's Weekly Roundup 15th November 2009

I published the November issue of the Newsletter this week, I haven't made my mind up what the freebie will be this month though!! I have a couple of things in mind! You can sign up here and gain access to all the freebies.

I've been making cards, listening to music and sketching!

Vintage Style Card - Free Images

I have downloaded a lot of images from Heidi who has a website/blog called Shabby Chic Papirskatter. All the images are free and good quality and it’s well worth a visit. The picture I used on the card above is only printed on ordinary (but premium quality) paper at normal printer settings (ie not photo quality) and it looks just fine...


We Weren’t Born To Follow - Bon Jovi
No it’s not scrapbooking, but IT IS UPLIFTING and I’m all for that! The music video gives extra weight to the message and I hope you enjoy it… This one will be blasting out in my car that’s for sure.
Great Rock Tune with a an uplifting message… can’t get much better than that!! Wooo Hooo!

Scrapbook Page Sketch and Challenge November 09
I want to keep the Multi-Photo layout theme going, which is my intention for most of my sketches, and so here is a sketch for one large, main photo and up to three smaller photos. You could keep this layout really simple with plain colours or pep it right up with some feature patterned paper.And…Or… [...]

Sunday, November 08, 2009

How to make Scrapbooking Flowers and Beware Bum Advice!

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 8th November 2009

A quick round up today - I have a lot on at the mo, some of it to do with scrapbooking and a lot of it not! But I will tell you all about it as soon as I am able!!!

So this week a couple of offerings... (click on the headings to go to the blog post)

How to make Wet Crumpled Paper Flowers VIDEO Tutorial
Recently I showed you a birthday card on which I had put some “Crumpled flowers”. I made them using the “wet” technique. Here is a closeup of one of the flowers (before I put it on the card)....


Don’t get the Wrong Scrapbooking Advice!
I do get fed up every time I read “the first thing you need to do as a beginner to scrapbooking is buy an album, a few papers and some adhesive”!
That makes me cross because you DON’T need to buy an album, if you are just trying scrapbooking out as a hobby. It’s a wasted expense if you decide you don’t like it for a start, but I put beginners off buying an album until they have made a few pages and can decide in what size they prefer to work...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Intentional Scrapbook Layout, Scrunched Flowers Card

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 1st November 2009

It's dark in the eves now and Christmas is looming fast it seems... I have a plan to have all my Christmas shopping done by 1st December - and that includes my daughter's birthday stuff too! Do you think I'll make it?
I have made progress re the birthday party though, she wanted a party at the same place as her 4th birthday (this will be her 6th Birthday) - so I booked it all today... it's great cos we just turn up, someone else deals with the kids, they all play on a huge indoor play thing, have something to eat and then 2 hours later we go home... no clearing up... fantastic! More importantly no organising, invitation designing and all that, as the venue provides invitations to fill in! Shame is a boyish Pirate place, but needs must!
Here's the roundup.

Intentional Scrapbooking
“I Can Do This” Layout

Hi there, the next Scrapbooking Layout instalment of my “Intentional Scrapbooking”! I’m just showing you the layout here and will write a little more about the subject later!
Here is a close up of the title chipboard letters… I covered them thickly with white acrylic paint and when it had dried I stamped onto them with a subtle [...]

Scrunched Flower Technique -
Pretty Birthday Card

I made this card this month for a friend. My friend likes Cath Kidston type design and so I used these colours to give the feel of that designers work. It’s the papers from PaperMania Signature series “Blueberry Hill”.

Halloween 2009
Well we had a little party for Halloween yesterday evening, and then a quick round of Trick or Treating. With Honey’s school friends and the children (and adults) from the neighbouring houses the party went well.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Circle Album pages, the Seaside & an Autumn walk

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 25th October 2009

A few posts this week... excuse me while I keep this short! Click on the titles to see the full articles. I will be posting more finished pages next week.... oh and a card.

More Circle Mini Album Pages
Ok, so… as promised in the previous post here are the other pages I created in my circle mini album.

Southwold Seaside Pictures
My mum visited us last weeked for a couple of days and we managed some scrapbooking together, which was nice. She bought me some stash for my birthday, including a pack of Basic Grey “Porcelain” and some Rhonna Farrer mini bag-o-buttons in “French Twist” Colours - both being basically pale greens and pinks… which happen to be my mum’s favourites… luckily I quite like them too!...

Autumn Photos
I am very pleased (on a regular basis) that I finally took the plunge to get a mobile phone with a decent camera in it! I even saved myself £10 per month in the process which was a bonus! But it means I can take pictures wherever I go, as I almost always have the phone with me....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heartfelt blog post and a Circular Mini Album

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 18th October 2009

I'm going to keep this update very short... and the first link will explain why.
And I just want to explain also that Blogger has managed to mess about with my layout of this blog post (yet again) by taking out all the paragraph returns that I put in! So I apologise for the mess!
I do hope you are well this week and scrapbooking merrily.
I can report that I have finally started on an album which is of a holiday to Disney Paris in 2007!
I managed to complete the cover and the first two pages yesterday and plan to continue till it's done, rather than putting it away again. Only about another 125 pictures to go then!!!!
Other blog posts worth looking at this week...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crop-A-Dile Video, a Sketch, Challenge and a Mickey Mouse Layout!

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 11th October 2009

I've had a busy week, published the latest issue of the Simply Scrapbooking Now Newsletter, had a birthday and then my demo at the ScrapBuddies crop yesterday! No still not slowing down, but I am working on it!

I did actually manage an 8x8 scrapbook page (right) which was made as part of the Basic Grey Challenge's Blog sketch challenge for this past week. Link to that below.

I have just finished the first in a series of pages for my "Intentional Scrapbooking" and you'll see that soon.

What the dickins is that?" you may well ask. Well Intentional Scrapbooking is about scrapbooking your intentions, such as what you want in life, affirmations, positive messages, etc. But you make these for you.

If you know what a "vision board" is then it is a similar thing to that, but as you are actively creating these pages, instead of just cutting out things you want to have or be, you are generating more powerful signals to the universe and hopefully your intentions will come to be mroe quickly.

Does that sound a bit "woo woo" to you? Well I will be talking about it more shortly, and explaining that Scrapbooking IS a form of therapy, more so than just say beadmaking, becuase it is a form of expression, but rather than making pages about past events... with Intentional Scrapbooking you are creating pages about your future and how you WANT it to be.

So onto this week's Round-Up...

Mickey Mouse Layout - Basic Grey Challenge
I decided to join in with the Basic Grey Challenges Blog this week and so here is my interpretation of the sketch…
It’s an 8×8 scrapbook page. I have noticed that there are mostly cards posted on the challenge blog as examples, but I scrapbooked it...


Video Tutorial - Sewing using Templates on your Pages and Cards
Stitching, using fibres such as embroidery threads, can add a lovely touch to scrapbook layouts and, indeed greetings cards. There are companies that make templates for such a technique, but of course you are limited to their designs.
You can print out any image, keeping it simple of course, and use that as a simple template...


Scrapbooking Product Review:

If you just want to set eyelets on your pages, then there are cheaper alternatives, but if you want to punch holes in thick media, such as chipboard, (apparently even leather, plastic, metal, acrylic, fabric, wood and poly - although I haven’t tried any of those myself!) the a Crop-A-Dile is probably a good buy for you.


October 09 Sketch & Challenge
Here is the Sketch for this month. It’s a multi-photo (well dual-photo anyway!) scrapbook page, however I think I may use one large photo instead of 2 smaller ones when I create my page...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

3rd Mini Album Video, Cup Cake Card Tutorial & Inspiration

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 4th October 2009

I've spent best part of yesterday and today away from my laptop. Why? Because I thin k I'm suffering a little with "burn-out"! I need to ease off! I tried to scrapbook yesterday, for myself, but ended up making 2 scrapbooking videos instead... I just can't help myself apparently!

However I did spend the whole morning with Inde preparing and practising at a Public Agility Display. His first outing in public and I wasn't sure what he's do (he's a bit nervous!) but he was excellently behaved!

Anyway enough waffle... here's the round up...

3 Easy 4×4 mini albums - Video Tour 3
Here is the last in the series of short videos showing you the three mini scrapbook albums I made using just one piece of 8×8 cardstock and patterned paper each. This album is quite “girly” using more K&Co Papers “Sparkly Sweet”. All the albums are 4×4 and quite cute really! ...


“Man Card” Video - funny!
Only us crafters would find this funny! The description of the video - “How to make a hand made card with tools already in your garage! “...


Scrapbook Sketchbook Winners announced - Video Draw!
I posted a video of me drawing the names out of a hat (literally) for the sketchbook giveaway, all three winners have now contacted me, but you mayt still like to see the video...


Some inspiration from across the web now...

Christmas is early this year by Jeja


A Cupcake tutorial from Ingvild
Yes they DO look good enough to eat I reckon!


A New Star...

Scrapworld... suffice to say there is loads of scrapbook inspiration on this lady's blog, she's on a number of design teams, which should tell you she's good!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scrapbooking Video Tutorial, Freebie & Giveaway, Journaling Idea and Inspiration

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 27th September 2009
Hi Everyone! The major thing happening this week is you need to get on over to the blog to leave a comment to be in with a chance to win a giveaway AND pick up a freebie template - the blog post explains all, as does the video with it, details below...

Video: Make a Scrapbooking Sketchbook with free download
You know how when it’s your birthday, and you go into the office (assuming you work in an office by day, or have done so at one time) strangely it’s You who is expected to “get the cakes in”?! Well in the spirit of that tradition… although it is the birthday of the SimplyScrapbookingNow Newsletter… it’s the Newsletter giving the FREEBIE to All along with a video tutorial (which gives more information too)!
Every month I send the Newsletter subscribers some sort of freebie download, but this month the freebie is available to Everyone and it is available right here! Go to the post>>>


Photo Journaling Block
I have posted a link to an article (below) showing how to use a faded picture as a journaling block instead of a plain coloured background. An example is pictured here. (on the blog post)
This article refers to using Photoshop to make the block, but the same principle could apply to traditional scrapbooking. How..? read more>>>


"Wait For Me" by Lean (Doggy Scrapbook Layout)

OK, so I am a bit biased anyway because Lean's dog looks very similar to my Inde, but nonetheless this latest creation of Lean's is a stunning example of layering and roundness! I am currently making a mini album (as part of Shimelle's September class) which is circular, and have always been keen on curves rather than angles (well that's the excuse for my waistline anyway!!) LOL

There are some close-ups of the detail over on Lean's blog


Fantastic Cards by Susan
These little darlings are by Susan and her blog is at One4Joy Daily. I think the undies on the washing line is super cute, and an unusual card to receive for most, I would think!

I particularly like the multi coloured card. I am a bit of a sucker for all things rainbow coloured! But I like the lacework pattern and the flower embellishments, really pretty.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mini Album Video, and Inspirational Scrapbook Pages

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 20th September 2009

I actually managed to fight may way around the video editing problems with my computer recently and upload the second video about the three easy mini books! Where there's a will there's a way, as they say!
I have also been clearing and tidying my craft room/office in order to fit in a third rolling tote (yes I do need three when I am taking everything to my own crop!!)and set up an area for making video scrapbook tutorials! I am in the throws of creating the online scrapbooking course I mentioned a while ago and I'm actually really looking forward to it's launch, but I am enjoying the process of creating the tutorials too. The tutorials are all based on my three and a half years' experience of giving workshops and demonstrations covering all sorts of things from beginner scrapbooking through to more advanced techniques.
As always I will let you know as soon as it is available. In the meantime... here is the round up this week.

3 Easy 4×4 mini albums - Video Tour 2
Here is the second of three short videos (this one is 2 and a half minutes), taking a look at three mini albums I made using only one piece of 8×8″ cardstock each and some patterned paper. I didn’t have anything else to hand when I made these mini albums apart from scissors and some double sided tape, oh and I borrowed a pencil too!
This little book was designed with little boys in mind! A nice boyish theme the papers being from ”Hopscotch”, a 6×6″ pad of papers by K&Co...

Using the Masking Technique
My friend Siobhan has a flair for Scrapbooking! So much so, in fact that she is on a design team! I will be sharing her layouts with you from time to time (and I thank Siobhan for allowing me to do so - you can find here blog HERE), as I think they serve as ...

Basic Grey “Indian Summer” Papers Scrapbook Pages
Here is a lovely page by Stephanie over at the Scrap Paper Scissors Blog (pictured right). I particularly like the layering of the leaves, butterflies and fence. And this is a great example of the use of white space (literally in this case!). (also features a page by Courtney Baker, pictured below)...

Scrapbook Reminder from the Media
I took this photograph (see photo on main story on when I was last visiting my sister and brother-in-law recently. I do not have any newspapers in my house (apart from the free ones which are thrust through our door whether we like it or not!). This magazine came with The Times newspaper, which came with their delivery of grocery shopping.
The reason ...
Oh and plesae excuse the dodgy layout of this post - Blogger is currently taking out all my spaces (hard returns!) Bless it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Multi-photo sketch, challenge, gift album video and a published page

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 13th September 2009

Did you know that it's been a whole year since the launch of the site and the Newsletter?... Well you do now! Time has just flown by!

Still as busy as ever! And so I am not going to witter on this week, and just get straight to the roundup!

12×12 Scrapbook Page “Just Lovely” by SundayL
I can now show you a page I made a few months back, but which I was unable to post here until after it was published. So, as Featured in the September 09 issue of Scrapbook Inspirations magazine, here is my layout entitled “Just Lovely”! [mini gallery of close ups]...


September Sketch and Challenge - Birthday Issue!

This month of September marks the first birthday of the Newsletter, my Ezine. So the theme for this month’s sketch and challenge is birthdays! Get scrapbooking a birthday!However… to keep to the usual schedule I have September’s sketch for you… another multi-photo layout ( I know that you are always looking for ways to use...


Mini Album Video Tour of a Gift Album
Here is video of a great scrapbook mini album, which "MsScrappaperscissors” (YouTube name, don’t know her real name) has created for some relatives in Scotland for them to add photos and journaling about their trip over to the States (to visit her.)
Her link goes over to the Papermaze Blog, which is worth a look...

No blog hopping this week... I am thinking of starting up a Hall of Fame... where I give awards for excellence, be that layouts, albums, etc or the blog in general... will let you know!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Easy Mini Album Video Tour, Freebie peek and Scrapbook Page Inspiration

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 6th September 2009

So it's the last week of the school holidays...normally I would be feeling a sigh of relief (I think I've got Honey's school stuff ready now!), but alas I am "up against it" again.

Why? Because I am supposed to be taking an after school club (2 actually) this term at my daughter's school! Yes I've changed my mind about the content of the courses... so I'm frantically trying to finish the example scrapbook mini albums the children will be making... wish me luck.

I also signed up for Shimelle's September Class (daily scrapping... yeah right!!) my daily entries will be done once a week I think!

Well, on to the update then.

3 Easy 4×4 mini albums - Video Tour No.1
Whilst I was visiting my folks in Surrey and Sussex recently I visited a (fairly local) scrapbooking shop Crafts U Love (they do mail order). While I was there I bought a number of items such as new papers, but I also bought some sale paper packs along with my usual replenishment of tape runners and foam pads, etc.


Newsletter subscriber Freebie - a Quickpage by SundayL
I mentioned a while ago (I think) that I am working on a fairly dark set of printable papers (hybrid crafting). I decided to give away a downloadable quick page to all my Newsletter Subscribers in August, and this is it.


Tutorial - How to make Felt Embellishments

Over on Ali Edwards Blog there is a tutorial with a download.

"This week Tuesday Tutorials welcomes Tania Willis with a fabulous, inspiring tutorial on creating felt embellishments.
You can download the PDF of Tania's tutorial ..." >>>


Some recent Scrapbook Page Layouts from others...

I Am Who I Am
Ingvild Bolme creates another stunning page, this time with a sentiment we should all be taking on board. In fact I actively encourage everyone to make a scrapbook page on a similar note and place the layout somewhere where you will see it Every Day!

There are lots of close up photos of this layout.


A Round Page Layout
Scrapperlicious shows us how she made a recent circular scrapbook page. I like the muted colours of this one.

Lots of close up picture provided of this layout.


New Find... a sumptuous page
I found this lady (Zarah) via Scrapperlicious. I love this layout, the simplicity of the colour scheme, and it's good to see it as an example of how you "don't" have to use themed papers for a subject. Zarah's grandmother (in the photograph) is not surrounded by vintage lace and all things grandmother-ish, she is surrounded with papers and embellishments which could easily suit any age of person - a refreshing change.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scrapbooking OFF the Page, Card for a Man & a Quick Card

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 30th August 2009

Hello, I've been down to my mum's again this week with my daughter - last time before Honey goes back to school! We have been making cards together! I have decided to make a load from a huge kit I bought from QVC to sell at the school Christmas fair - although the cards aren't Christmassy!! But then there are other things going on at that time of year like birthdays!

Anyway, I promised to show you my "Thank You For..." Canvas which I made at the crop I went to last week, so it's here, and I have blog posted a couple of recent cards, plus there's some more scrapbooking inspiration from across the web (at the end).


“Thank You For…” Scrapbooking Canvas
Time to Scrapbook outside the Page! I found a couple of mini canvases going cheap in a local framing shop and thought I would do a little “altering”. This canvas is 5 inches square and I decided to make a “Thank You” reminder for my room. I have already made a “Thank you” Layout and this adds to my collection. Maybe this will inspire you to make something similar...


Wedding Anniversary card for a Man
Us ladies always struggle to know what to make for the men in our lives (in the way of crafting). There is little in the way of inspiration on the net that is specicifically for men unless it’s sport related, or beer etc. Well in scrapbooking, I always go for the sort of colours that my husband wears if it’s a layout about or even if i make a mini album for him as a gift, as he’s not really into sporty, drink or car related themes and frankly… neither am I! ...


A Quick, Easy and Simple Sunny Card
Here’s a card I made very quickly and simply. It was a get well card really and I wanted it to be bright and cheerful, plus the person for who I made the card likes yellows and that end of the rainbow!
I made use of a piece of Que Sera Sera paper (K&Co) a few buttons, [...]


Other ideas from across the Web...

More Scrapbooking OFF the Page

Rachel over on her blog shows another way to use scrapbooking stash around the home with these lovely frames, bought on the cheap! It's amazing what can be achieved with a few patterned papers and embellishments...


A recent blog post by Courtney Baker includes this effective layout. Simple, fairly quick and 3 photos! A great example of how keeping it simple can look good! ...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Scrapbook Layout, the back of it, Chocolate Wrappers and more!

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 23rd August 2009

Hi there all!

Been a lovely week of weather over in my neck of the woods, although I haven't sunbathed! Whenever my daughter is busy playing with the various neighbours children in the close here I seem to gravitate towards my computer and designing, writing and generally learning!

I went to a Crop on Saturday which was nice and I actually did some "off Page" scrapbooking... more of that (including photos) in next week's roundup.

So on to this week's posts...

“Just Because It Makes Me Happy” Scrapbook Page Layout
Here is a recent 12×12 Scrapbook Page Layout I created. It is a “Self-Indulgent” page! By that I mean that I have made the page for ME!It was actually for a challenge a friend and I set for ourselves. The challenge was to scrapbook something that made us happy, didn’t matter what it was ...

Revealing the Backside of a Scrapbook Page
In the last article I showed you a scrapbook page layout - “Just Because It Makes Me Happy“. Well As promised here is the back of that page, and as you can see below… I’ve been “gutting” again! ...

How I Made Chocolate Bar (Candy Bar) Wrappers
In the last article I showed you the Birthday Vouchers I made for my husband. Well here is a picture of the 5 small bars of chocolate I also gave him, I left them around the house for him to find...

And to other people on the net...

Using a Crop-a-dile to create a punched border
I came across a blog recently which showed a natty little technique for making a punched border, using a Crop-a-dile. This example is on a card, but you could easily use the same technique for a scrapbook page layout too.

Here is a lovely layout on one of the blogs I follow. It's by Jeja and this scrapbook page plus two others (all of which are elegant) are on THIS post. I just like their gentle elegance and I may even scraplift one of them.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Multi-photo Page and Birthday Card and Gift for a Man

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 16th August 2009

Well hello there everyone. I am happy to say that my chicken pox is clearing up! Hopefully be the end of next week I will be back to normal... whatever that is!!

I want to say congratulations to Jessica Ennis who won the World Athletics Gold for the Pentathlon - she won Gold for Great Britain. I'm not a sport fan, but she has inspired me to carry on with things in my life, despite my thinking "what's the point", as she has come back to take Gold after nursing a fracture (or possibly broken) ankle only last year. Watching her celebrate this evening, gave me the kick up the arse I needed! So THANK YOU Jessica.

Right then, Oh I made some Dog Agility Equipment today! I will take a photo soon, and maybe even some video... not of the equipment, cs that would be boring..! I meant I will take some video of Inde working the equipment! There's only some jumps and a hoop (or Tyre), but it's good for practise of my commands and getting him to go where he is supposed to!

Anyway, on to things crafty and the Round Up for this week - click the titles to read more.

Birthday Vouchers for a Man!
This is the case for the Vouchers I made for my husband recently as part of his birthday present. What do you buy the man who has everything? LOL ...


Birthday card for a Man
It was my husband’s birthday at the end of last month and so I made a card, of course! Well I think he’d be diasspointed if I didn’t after the last few years. However, this is the first time, for a long time, that I didn’t make one with a photograph of us on the front, but I didn’t have a great deal of time, and plumped for a more traditional greetings card, and so created this....


“At Last” Scrapbook Page - Multi-Photo
In a recent article I talked about making your own bracket shaped templates. I use my templates for all sorts, such as mats, embellishments and journaling blocks.In the Scrapbook Page below I have used the template I made in that article, to cut a large journaling block, this time from the freebie paper which I gave ...
A little something else...
My friend Dawn was talking about this Cake she called a "Nappy Cake" on our UKS Team Group and I couldn't get my head around what she was talking about! Now she has posted a picture and "Recipe" on her blog... I have been put out of my misery!... go on, I know you are curious too now!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Make your own Bracket templates, Sketch & Challenge and an Evening Walk

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 9th August 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that my daughter had chicken pox... well I now have them BIG TIME! There isn't a square inch that doesn't have a bump... enough said! Just have sympathy for me as I sit and write this covered in itching skin!

Anyway, to try to take my mind off things I did actually finish a page that was half done for ages, but I've not achieved much else for around 5 days!

However, I did manage to post a couple of things on the SLD blog - so here is the Round-up...

Quick Way to Create Bracket Shapes for Scrapbook Pages and Cards
Here is a quick way to make bracket shaped pieces of paper and card for your Scrapbook Pages, your Cards and anything else you may want them for.
First, cut a piece of scrap paper Read More>>


Scrapbooking Sketch and Challenge for August 09
Here is the Scrapbooking Sketch this month. It’s a multi-photo layout, well it makes use of two photos at least! If you don’t have scalloped paper, but you have a corner rounder punch (athough some corner rounders aren’t suitable) you can make your own scalloped paper… see this article.
As for this month’s Challenge… Read More>>


This item isn't about crafting but I thought you might like to see it anyway!

An Evening Walk with the Dogs
I went for a summer’s evening walk with the dogs a week or more ago. It’s taken this long to sort them out and upload them here, but I thought I would share some of the photographs I snapped. I took these pictures before the fields were harvested, which the farmer has been doing all this last week.
First I thought I’d show you a picture of my border collie “Inde”. See More>>


Now for Blog Hopping.

Mini Scrapbook Albums
This is a link to a site called It has a long list of step by step tutorials for min albums such as paper bags albums, exploding boxes, circle albums and many more and well worth a look.

Irene Tan of "Scraperlicous" blog fame has posted her challenge over on the Scrap It Lah Challenge blog.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Poolside Scrapbooking, decorated letter blocks, cow mini albums, and interior design

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 2nd August 2009

Well I have been visiting my folks in Surrey (here in the UK) for a few days, and we actually ended up with my mum, my sister, her eldest daughter, myself and my daughter all making a mini scrapbook album each! very unusual for all to do something together like that, and it was nice! Three generations scrapbooking!
I have also spent yet more money on scrapbooking bits and pieces whilst I was out and about down there and when I returned with some lovely lace to share with my mum, she got out a shoe box stuffed with ribbon and lace... forgot she had them and now I had given her an idea of what to do with them! So I ended up with a whole bagful of lengths cut from those too... bonus! I will have to make up some "lacey" scrapbook pages now!

So onto the blog posts over at

Scrapbooking By The Pool
Ok, So it’s not a pretty sight, but it isproof of me “Scrapbooking by the Pool”! Actually this shot was rather dark in the foreground because of the contrast caused by me sitting in the shade and the brightness of the hotel swimming pool in the background. However, my trusy PSE (PhotoShop Elements) allowed me to fiddle with it. Shame I can’t “fiddle” a couple of stone off my body at the same time eh?! LOL

Mini Album - Scrapbook By The Pool
In the last article I showed you what limited supplies I had when on holiday abroad (Majorca) and managed to make a mini album. Well here is the album! This is a Hybrid Scrapbook Album as the papers I have used are from the Colourful Beauty Kit of downloadable papers
As for blog hopping...
Over on the WonderfullyWhimsy Blog there is a lovely post about decorated letter blocks with lots of pictures.

And over on a blog called Scrapsells from Lean there is a lovely mini album with lots of frills and ribbons and girlie stuff, although I note the photos in the album are of "cows"!!! I did notice however that Lean's Dog Misty looks remarkably like my boy Inde... go have a look at her latest layout and see for yourself! Pictures below...

Yeah alright... thay are both border collies! LOL I think it's Misty's expression actually, which looks just like Inde, but I don't have a picture of Inde looking ... "sheepish"... (groaning at bad joke!!)

And Thanks to the blog "Inspirational" for bringing Lean to my attention.

Finally here is a blog I found via Twitter... and I will tell you now that it is NOT a scrapbooking site, infact it has nothing to do with craft at all. It is a collection of beautiful houses and their interiors and worth soaking up the sunny pictures and sense of space, and may be even get a bit of inspiration too!