Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabulous mini Kit coming up!

The Feb Newsletter is shaping up nicely! And I have put together a lovely kit which subscribers of the Newsletter will be able to have a chance of winning!

What do ya reckon then? I thought I would spread a little colour! Next issue of the newsletter out on Monday.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scrapbooking Technique of layering used on a birthday card

This is a birthday card I made from the scraps of a 12x12 scrapbooking layout I posted on the blog a short while ago. Click here to see the Layout.

It is an A5 size card (roughly 6x8"). I deliberately tried to stay very close to the design of the layout as it was for a demo to my crop group, showing that many, if not all scrapbooking techniques can be used on cards too.

There is more about this technique in the February issue of the Newletter, due out beginning of February.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Acrylic Birthday Card

Here is a card that I have made for my niece. I have wanted to make an acrylic card for some time, but actually this is acetate and so not as sustantial as I would like, and so I added the strip of thick paper/ light card down the middle.

This is double sided paper/card and so (as you will see form the second picture) I have made use of showing the other side of the paper through the acrylic. I used machine zig zag stitch to keep the papers in place and I also sewed the ribbons and flowers in place gluing a button over the top.

The other reason for making this card was that it's for the Arty Girlz Challenge Blog whose challenge (No. 69) this week is "Transparent".

Friday, January 23, 2009

Scrapbooking Tip - Using Rub-ons that won't work properly

Hello! I have been filming a couple of videos today. They are for the February issue of the Newsletter. I also cleared and cleaned most of the house this afternoon, which is only noteworthy because (as my husband would be quick to agree!) I don't "do" housework very often! LOL

Anyway, here is another page I finally managed to finish... one that had been "Half done" for some time! Let me give you a tip... the title to this page shows an example of this tip.

Finished Page
The child's face has been masked at the request of the parents.

You will notice that the letters to the title appear to be printed on acrylic (or similar). Well they are actually rub-ons which I have cut out from their backing. Why have I done this? ... you may well ask. Well basically because I bought these rub-ons from a bargain bin in a local craft/scrapbooking shop and found that no matter how hard I rubbed, there was no "on" going on!

I think as they were old stock (I presume, hence the discount) they had actually dried out too much and didn't want to come off the backing sheet.

So, my tip is that if you have some rub-ons that... frankly, won't "rub-on" then stop rubbing and start cutting. Just cut out each of the letters you wish to use (this is for the bigger sizes of alphabet and for words and quotes really) and adhere them to your project. I have left my cutting "rough" as I wanted that effect, but I could have trimmed in tight to the edge of the letters.

I have used the glue from a glue pen on the back of each letter, but for such things as quotes, you could easily make use of the backing by way of using brads or eyelets etc.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hidden pictures in the Scrapbooking Layout

Did you guess where they are? Is this where you meant Dawn? (see comment on previous post).

The two photographs, just with rounded corners and some sandpapering to distress the edges, were tucked under the white-with-black-pattern background paper.

All three photographs were the standard 6x4 size shop printed kind and I didn't cut them down very much. In fact I only cut the front photo down a bit.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can you guess where the other photographs are on this Scrapbooking Page

Here is a proper photograph of the scrapbooking layout I posted yesterday. As I mentioned, this was made to demonstrate "layering". I wonder if you can "now" see where the other photos might be hiding in this multi-photo page... answers on a postcard please..! LOL - only joking! But you can have a guess and leave a comment if you like!

Anyway, this layout is the subject of an article in the February issue of the Newsletter, out at the beginning of Feb.


And here are a couple of close ups. You might like to know that the background to the little frame detailed in the bottom picture (black with white swirls) is actually the top foil of a dessert carton!



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finished Page - layering technique (multi-photo too!)

Here is a picture of a layout I made as an example of "layering" for a demonstration I gave at the last ScrapBuddies crop this month. I actually took this picture at the crop (as you may have noticed) but I did have a fiddle with it in Photoshop Elements.

Hmmm, does it look all dreamy or just plain weird?! LOL

Layering Technique Scrapbooking Layout

Anyway, this layout was inspired by a scrapper called Malin (here is a link to a gallery of some of her pages) and I also made a card in the same style - with the left overs in fact.

I shall post the full picture of the layout and the card tomorrow... and I may even put you out of your misery with regard to where in the world the other photos are, bearing in mind that this is yet another multiphoto layout! can you guess?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Card - Blast from the past!

Hello to you!

I have posted here a photo of a Thank You card which I (and hubby and daughter) received recently...

It's from my Mum! and the photo on the card is of my mum holding "yours truly" in the water... oh what fun I look like I'm having! LoL ! Hmmm... I'm not sure about nowadays... blue traquil waters of a beach in Key West maybe!

Thanks Mum for a lovely card!

Anyway, I'm off out this evening to my Dance class... I do "Ceroc" and enjoy it a lot, it's just a shame that at the mo Miles, my husband, can't join me. Still I'm working on that one... a babysitter is needed.

I shall be posting some pictures of my "In the Mirror" mini album (5x7) in the next couplde of days which I have finally finished.. WooHoo!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Age of Innocence - 6x6 digi scrapbook page

This is my take on the Art Creations Friday theme challenge (for 16th January 2009)for this week. It's a 6x6 digital layout. Very quick (well about 30 minutes) and I will print it out and add it to my "Random Mini Album"

The lovely photograph was provided by the challenge blog, the background paper is a freebie by Cinzia Loosemoore and the elements are by LouCeeCreations.

Thank you for looking!

Friday, January 16, 2009

January Winner for the Freebie and a little sunshine.

Ok, hubby has "done the thing with the pin" !!! And the winner is....

GINA. Well done Gina! Send me an email with your postal address and the answer to the question (see previous post) and the papers pack will be winging it's way to you soon.

To the rest of you lovely ladies... thank you for your company on the blog... and I hope you have better luck next time?! I shall see what yummy stash I can find for the Feb Freebie Frenzy.

While I was scrapping the buttons on my little album pages the sun was shining... ah it was lovely. My room faces south and I had to hang a piece of gauze across the window to stop me from squinting!

But as usual... my Jack Russell - Toffee - had noticed the beam of sunlight across the room. Toffee can always be found wherever there is sunlight... she is a real sun worshipper!

So I thought, as I had my camera beside me, I would snap the evidence of the little madam trying to catch a few rays. She had moved to the farthest point of the room which is actually the wall of the en suite shower room (yes folks, I pinched the master bedroom for my craft room/office... well let's face it..., all you do in a bedroom is sleep... right? so it doesn't need to be the biggest bedroom, right?! LOL Well that was my argument anyway... and my hubby bought it!).

Anyway... you can see the "slit of sunlight" she's in can't you... bless her!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

January's Freebie Frenzy from Simply Scrapbooking Now Newsletter

Hi there everyone!

It's the middle of the month and so it's freebie frenzy time... leave a message here and you might WIN a lovely pack of hand made papers!

Go on give it a go. If you haven't already signed up for the newsletter, you can do so now (top left) and then leave a comment here. Tomorrow around 7pm GMT I will pick a name "out of the hat" as usual and then the winner needs to answer this question...

"What colour is the Contents graphic this month... (January issue)?" (only to be answered by the winner).

So for a bit of interest... when you comment here... tell us what size scrapbooking pages (or cards, or whatever) you like to create most.
Good luck everyone!
NOTE: This Freebie Frenzy has now closed

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Buttons - double page 5x7 album pages

Hi all, I have decided to join in with more "blog hopping" challenges this year. Those challenges where you post your creations on your own blog and link back to the blog with the challenge.

So here is my "entry" for want of a better word for this week's challenge on the ArtyGirlzChallenge blog which is to include buttons on creation. I say "creation" because the challenge doesn't refer to only scrapbooking layouts.

Anyway, these are the last two pages in my "In the Mirror" album which is a 5x7 album. It has been half finished for ages and I will be finishing it this week! I am determined to finish my scrapbooking projects that have been "kicking about" for months. Apologies for the "pinkness", but that's the theme of the Album, mostly.

This is the left hand page (below)...

And this is the right hand page (below)...

And a couple of close-ups below. I have to say that I made myself do these quickly. I already had some of the stash together as it was an ongoing project... But not for long... lol... I will post the other pictures when the whole albums is finished. That will be a long post !

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank You Layout

Well here is the finished page... if you can call it that! I specifically made it as the first of a number of "Artwork Layouts" I plan to make. This one is hanging on the pinboard I have in front of me in my office/craft room.

It's made using the Two Scoops collection from Basic Grey. I deliberately made the words fro a similar colour as the background and just darkened the edges for a bit of extra definition because I wanted it to be subtle... almost mixed up with the background.

Why?... because for a better life I am supposed to be thankful for everything around me. Gratitude attracts more thing to be grateful for and therefore a better life. But although I am much better than I have ever been at saying and thinking "Thank You", old habits die hard as they say and I feel it's mixed up with all the "old baggage" I am carrying (soon to be discarded I hope!) But I wanted to keep this uplifting, with an achievable feel, hence the colour scheme.

The words are cut using my Craft Robo, but the "decoupage" swirls I hand cut and coloured.

I realised initially that the words were lost when directly on the background, so I decided to lift them... bit of a bind that was! cutting up tiny bits of pad off a roll, only to find that the roll is thinner than my usual pads and so I had to double up on every tiny bit... hey ho we live and learn! lol

This is the background before the words were added.

My plan is to make many more (sying Thank You and other words such as Love, Believe, Inspire, etc) and hang them all over the house. I also plan to make some with journaling, ie, an affirmation, so that the words are aesthetically pleasing too!

Wed 14th January 09 - Update

I stumbled over this blog this evening and they happen to have had a similar idea!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New Direction

I've been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching these past weeks. And I have made some decisions along the way, some choices.

I have been keeping this blog completely related to scrapbooking (as much as I can) and at times it can be very restrictive to my creative flow!

I didn't want to just trawl the web and bring you links, and I didn't want to bung a load of "chit chat" or personal life stuff in here like some other blogs, because it can get boring for readers.

But I have made the decision that rather than start a new blog to run alongside... something I don't want to spend more time on, I have decided I will be posting more than just scrapbooking ideas here - more than just ways to display your photos.

I want to explore other avenues and you are welcome to join me on my journey of discovery through my creative potential.

I was worried I would be judged and people would not appreciate my ramblings on such subjects as finding ones true self and inner wishes, whilst I try to find out who I am.

You know all those cliches of "finding oneself", but you get to a certain age where you realise that there is more to life and you just can't smother this undercurrent any more.

I have already started my journey, by listening to audiobooks and videos/DVDs and read quite a few books. I have mentioned "the Secret" a few times already (about the Law of attraction) but I have tried to keep things within the boundaries of Scrapbooking... bearing in mind the title of this blog.

But it is time now for me to lift the lid on stuff, stop hiding and start expressing! It's ok, I won't go into personal details... there is stuff that is much better left unsaid (LOL). But I hope you will find inspiration and some meaning and maybe even talk to me about your experiences.

So just before you fall asleep... I'll leave you with a taster of a small layout I made recently... I'll post the completed page and explanation in the next post!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Multi-photo scrapbooking page with Hidden Photos

Here is my first page for 2009!

It's a multi-photo layout and I have made a couple of short videos showing tips for cropping the photographs and for making the "hinged" photograph and they are in the January Newsletter.

I wanted to make a page that had a "hand drawn, childlike" feel to it... See below for the pictures of what's behind the main photograph.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Freebie Downloadable Journaling Blocks for your Scrapbooking Pages


As promised here is the link to the article on the website which gives you 3 downloadable journaling blocks which I created by my own fair hand.

Not only that, but the article also shows how to make use of them. AND how to print on your scraps!

They are suitable for printing out and using on a traditional layout, and/or for use on your digital scrapbooking pages too.

These appeared in the December issue of the Newsletter.

I hope you enjoy using them.

Friday, January 02, 2009 January Newsletter

Hello all.

The January Newsletter is now available for subscribers. I published today despite not being able to upload two of the three videos for some reason. Have been trying all day.

So hopefully they will be up soon, but the Freebie Frenzy details and a Freebie Download, plus 6 sketches to use up all those Christmas snaps and other articles are all available right now.

If you're already a subscriber, you will have received the email letting you know, by now. But if you're not, you can sign up in the box top left of this blog (just under the header).

Don't forget there are a lot of articles, videos and freebie downloads available all the time at the website. I will be posting a link to one of the freebies tomorrow.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year to all my Crafting Readers!

Fresh Start has just begun!

Well I may not be partying, but I am still awake after midgnight here in the UK! Everyone else around me sleeps, but I'm here!

Wishing you all a Very Prosperous New Year!

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