Sunday, July 26, 2009

Die-Cut style Butterflies, Scrapbook Page Video, Mini Album Tutorial

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 26th July 2009

Poor old Honey has Chicken Pox! Strangely she didn't like the idea of taking photos of her spots for posterity (we all know I want to scrapbook the event!!)! Maybe when she's feeling better, but still shows the evidence? Well we have to scrapbook the not so good events of life too, don't you agree? I feel some of them are just as important, bearing in mind the difficulties in life shape us as people.

Anyway... This week's roundup of the Scrapbooking items over on the SundayLDesigns blog...

Freebie “Die-cut Style” Butterflies
I have just uploaded the July Freebie for All Newsletter Subscribers! Yep… they are free if you are a Subscriber to the Newsletter. You can sign up for free and you will gain instant access to all the previous freebies too (there is a link in every newsletter). So hello to all my subscribers - I hope you like the downloable gift this month. More>>>


Page Tour Video - Interactive, and Cost Saving Elements
This is a Scrapbooking Page I made a while ago, but I wanted to show you some elements from that page because they are useful ones.In the Page Tour Video below I show you how to the interactive element of this page (flip up picture with hidden journaling), what the background is made from and if ... More>>>


Accordion Spine Mini Scrapbook Album Tutorial
At the July ScrapBuddies Crop (last weekend) I demonstrated how to make an Accordion Spine Mini Album. In fact it was a bit of a workshop as we all did it together step-by-step. Here are some of the finished albums, which have 4×4″ pages (the covers are slightly larger). More>>>


And so to a bit of Blog Hopping.

Monica's Cards

I like this lady's cards! Lots of layering and done in a "scrapbook style". I'm very much into the distressed edges and a bit of stitching, so I have picked out this example of Monica's cards to show you.

Oh... and the Scrapbook I made on holiday... I promise I will post it in the coming week for the next Round-Up!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Scrapbooking Storage Solution, Hybrid Card and a Handbag Tutorial

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 19th July 2009

I have been on holiday! I was scrapbooking by the pool and if you don't believe me... I'll show you a picture over on the blog! I made a little mini album that is now ready to have some holiday pictures inserted. I'll show you those pictures next time too.

As for what I was blogging whilst away... yes I was in the hotel reception writing last week's round-up!... here are a couple of things...

Hybrid Birthday Card with a Twirl!
I made this card for a 50th birthday… for a woman, just in case you were wondering! If you are already a subscriber to the Newsletter you will notice the paper that I have used…? Yes it’s one of the two freebie downloadable papers which I gave away last month as the June Subscriber Freebie! So this is a Hybrid Card.... Read More>>


Scrapbooking Paper Storage Solution
I recently received a comment on one of my YouTube Videos which showed how I store my stickers, rub-ons, etc in Lever Arch Files which stand on my bookshelf on my desk. You can view the video Here... Read More>>


Here are some interesting things from the web...

Firstly a cute "Handbag Tutorial" - that's the handbag is cute, not the tutorial, over on the Inspirational Blog... I may have a go at this one soon!

Scrapperlicious has a lovely mini album and all the pictures are on This Post check it out... it's very sumptuous! Very "touchy feely".

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Multi-photo page Video, Scalloping TIP and an update re the homemade chipboard letters

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 12th July 2009

Hello there... I'm not at home today so I am writing this post from as "remote" computer, in the Foyer of a Hotel (more details next time)... suffice to say the PC has severe limitations, so this post will loklk a bit bland till I get a chance to "pretty it up" a bit later.

But I've fought my way through severe weather, hailstorms, overcome adversity... nah... not really... only joking!

Here's the round-up from the site!

Page Tour Video - multi-photo 8×8 Scrapbook Page
I mave made another Page Tour Video of an 8×8 Scrapbook Page, and this time it’s an interactive one with no less than 4 photographs on one page! (Video at the end of this post)

Photocopying material for Scrapbooking Backgrounds and a Scallop TIP
I thought I would show you some of my recent experimenting! I photocopied a piece of material, which is something I have done a few times before, but this piece was not only a silk (and therefore had a sheen to it) but it also had embroidery on it too.
I wanted to see how it would turn out!

Make Your Own Chipboard style letters - An Update!
I wrote an article not long ago, which had a video, and I showed how to make use of polystyrene pizza bases (click here to see) for cutting out shapes and letters.
In the video (at the bottom of the article) I used a fine nib embossing tool to “cut” through the polystyrene.
Well in response to viewing that I received an email from Joke from the Netherlands, she wrote…

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Free Scrapbooking Stuff Video, Published layout and a Reader's Layout

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 5th July 2009

Ok, so where did that week go then? Did I blink? I was just finishing up two mini maze book albums as thank yous to Honey's teacher and teaching assistant and suddenly realised it was Sunday evening (dare I say "night"!) and I hadn't done my weekly Round-Up!
"Oh dear" I said to myself as you can imagine! Anyway... below is the Scrapbook page I created which was published in the June issue of Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine here in the UK. The mini gallery of close ups is over in the blog and the direct link is below.

So here is the Scrapbooking Round-up for this week (oh and the July Newsletter will be out this week)

A Father’s Day Scrapbook Page
I submitted this scrapbook page to Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine back in March! It was published in the June 2009 issue, and I’ve had to keep it under wraps till then.
Read More>>

Page Tour Video - Finding Free Scrapbooking Supplies
I’ve uploaded a video here to show you a couple of 8×8 scrapbooking pages. Both pages were made with items I have collected around the house, such as a jar label, a drink can ring pull, string and “back of the draw” buttons! Read More>>


A great use for those Green flowers!
Here is a little tutorial from about making use of green flowers from your stash. Basically it is a case of making “3D” flowers using more usual petal colours and then using the green flowers last to make the sepals. A good idea for making delicate little 3D embellishments for a scrapbooking page or a card.
Read More>>


A Reader’s Layout from the June Newsletter Sketch
When I checked my emails this morning, I was pleased to find that a reader (of the SSN Newsletter) had sent me a photo of her scrapbook layout based on the Sketch in the current Newsletter (see this post for the sketch and my layout).
Read More>>