Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scrapbooking without photos, more Kids Albums and a Valentine Card

Sunday's Weekly Round-Up 28th February 2010

Do you know, I have actually managed to create two scrapbook pages this month, along with various cards. I'm rather pleased bearing in mind we are trying to set up a large Tearooms from scratch at the same time!
Only pretty simple layouts, but made nevertheless!
Anyway here is the offering from this week.

Scrapbooking without photos - it CAN be done!
Here is a quick(ish) scrapbook page I made recently. You can see I have no photographs on this page. Instead I have used the piece of paper which my daughter had written on as my focal point...

Kids Scrapbooking Classes- Paper Bag Albums for Ages 9-11
I took two different classes at Honey’s school… the Juniors… the subject of the earlier post and the seniors, here are their finished Paper Bag Albums...

Simple Valentines card
I reaslise that it’s a week later, but here is the photograph of the Valentines card I made for my husband.As my other half likes chocolate so much...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kids Scrapbooking Classes and Free Supplies

Sunday's Weekly Round -Up - 21st February 2010

I have made quite a few cards this week, and I maaged to make an 8x8 scrapbook page last Monday, have photographed them, but just haven't got around to posting them to the blog... will do soon though.
However I have managed to stumble across a blog of a lady who makes exquisite cards... very ornate and possibly time consuming, but nevertheless I will attempt to "card-lift" them (like scraplifting!).
The cards I have been making are for selling in the Tearooms and I haven't made them too complicated, although on seeing the ones on this blog I think I may make some "more expensive" ones. After all buying cards in the shops is a really expensive business and I think people would part with the money for that very special occasion, or special someone.
These are the articles from though...
How do you get your friends to gladly GIVE you Scrapbooking Supplies? (and they can also be used for cardmaking.) What Scrapbooking items am I talking about? ...
During the Autumn School Term at Honey’s school I held a few 6 week scrapbooking classes/courses for the Juniors (and the seniors, but that’s in another post)… We made Envelope Scrapbook Albums and here are the pictures...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Distress Paper Edges Video Tutorial, Scrapbooking Sketch and a Vintage Card

Sunday's Weekly Round-Up 14th February 2010

I've been quite busy lately. Made a video, made a card, made a digital 12x12 scrapbook page. and made another card (for Valentines day!, although I haven't photographed that yet).

I have also made a Tearooms Update too!

So here's the list...

February Tearooms Update!

Video Tutorial - How to Distress Paper Edges to Add Interest (to Scrapbook pages and cards)

Scrapbooking Sketch and Challenge - February 2010
This shows the digi Layout above - I used the Feb SSN sketch!

Another Vintage Style Birthday Card by SundayL

Sunday, February 07, 2010

How To Apply Letter Stickers and Scrapbook Beginners' Advice

Sunday's Weekly Round-Up - 7th February 2010

This week I have written a couple of Scrapbooking Articles.

One is some advice for beginners where I tell you what NOT to buy, and the best way to start.

The other article is a quick tutorial for lining up your sticky letter (from all those sticker sheets). If you want straight aligned words, this is way to do it!

Am really busy with the Tearooms refurb, Hubby still working like a Trojan, logo and signs almost finished the design stage too. Will update you next week.

Money Saving Advice for Scrapbooking Beginners

How to Easily Apply Self-Adhesive Letters to a Scrapbook Layout