Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mini Album Video, and Inspirational Scrapbook Pages

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 20th September 2009

I actually managed to fight may way around the video editing problems with my computer recently and upload the second video about the three easy mini books! Where there's a will there's a way, as they say!
I have also been clearing and tidying my craft room/office in order to fit in a third rolling tote (yes I do need three when I am taking everything to my own crop!!)and set up an area for making video scrapbook tutorials! I am in the throws of creating the online scrapbooking course I mentioned a while ago and I'm actually really looking forward to it's launch, but I am enjoying the process of creating the tutorials too. The tutorials are all based on my three and a half years' experience of giving workshops and demonstrations covering all sorts of things from beginner scrapbooking through to more advanced techniques.
As always I will let you know as soon as it is available. In the meantime... here is the round up this week.

3 Easy 4×4 mini albums - Video Tour 2
Here is the second of three short videos (this one is 2 and a half minutes), taking a look at three mini albums I made using only one piece of 8×8″ cardstock each and some patterned paper. I didn’t have anything else to hand when I made these mini albums apart from scissors and some double sided tape, oh and I borrowed a pencil too!
This little book was designed with little boys in mind! A nice boyish theme the papers being from ”Hopscotch”, a 6×6″ pad of papers by K&Co...

Using the Masking Technique
My friend Siobhan has a flair for Scrapbooking! So much so, in fact that she is on a design team! I will be sharing her layouts with you from time to time (and I thank Siobhan for allowing me to do so - you can find here blog HERE), as I think they serve as ...

Basic Grey “Indian Summer” Papers Scrapbook Pages
Here is a lovely page by Stephanie over at the Scrap Paper Scissors Blog (pictured right). I particularly like the layering of the leaves, butterflies and fence. And this is a great example of the use of white space (literally in this case!). (also features a page by Courtney Baker, pictured below)...

Scrapbook Reminder from the Media
I took this photograph (see photo on main story on when I was last visiting my sister and brother-in-law recently. I do not have any newspapers in my house (apart from the free ones which are thrust through our door whether we like it or not!). This magazine came with The Times newspaper, which came with their delivery of grocery shopping.
The reason ...
Oh and plesae excuse the dodgy layout of this post - Blogger is currently taking out all my spaces (hard returns!) Bless it!

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