Sunday, December 06, 2009

Video Tutorial to make Double Sided Paper and Scrapbooking AS Therapy

Sunday's Weekly Round Up 6th December 2009

Wow it's December already! I had a great time at a local crop yesterday and made a mini-album with a kit provided, all a surprise! I was planning on making cards! We have Christmas nibbles and Secret Santa, raffle, etc. It was nice to actually DO some scrapping for myself!

Got lots to tell you about, but will have to wait till next week... however I will be moving house in around 10 days! and then again just before Christmas Day (I hope!) Intrigued...?

I posted the Newsletter Freebie last week, which was a set of printable napkin rings (the straps and the name plates)... in a "silver look" so that they can actually be used for any occasion, just print, cut out, write on your names and stick together... may come in handy. Sign up for the Newsletter to get the instant download, and access to all the others.

So the Round Up then...

Video Tutorial
Make single sided paper, double sided!
I have made a quick video showing how you can use your stamps to create a complimentary design on the back of single sided scrapbook papers to make it double-sided paper...


Scrapbooking AS Therapy
I recently had a conversation with a lady who was telling me that she would have wanted to scrapbook her daughters’ pictures had they not been lost.
She explained that somehow, in circumstances out of her control, the photographs of her 2 daughter’s childhood years had all been lost/destroyed and I could see that this obviously upset her, as it would me too.
However, I explained to her that this is precisely where Scrapbooking can actually help!.....

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