Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scrapbooking without photos, more Kids Albums and a Valentine Card

Sunday's Weekly Round-Up 28th February 2010

Do you know, I have actually managed to create two scrapbook pages this month, along with various cards. I'm rather pleased bearing in mind we are trying to set up a large Tearooms from scratch at the same time!
Only pretty simple layouts, but made nevertheless!
Anyway here is the offering from this week.

Scrapbooking without photos - it CAN be done!
Here is a quick(ish) scrapbook page I made recently. You can see I have no photographs on this page. Instead I have used the piece of paper which my daughter had written on as my focal point...

Kids Scrapbooking Classes- Paper Bag Albums for Ages 9-11
I took two different classes at Honey’s school… the Juniors… the subject of the earlier post and the seniors, here are their finished Paper Bag Albums...

Simple Valentines card
I reaslise that it’s a week later, but here is the photograph of the Valentines card I made for my husband.As my other half likes chocolate so much...

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