Sunday, February 14, 2010

Distress Paper Edges Video Tutorial, Scrapbooking Sketch and a Vintage Card

Sunday's Weekly Round-Up 14th February 2010

I've been quite busy lately. Made a video, made a card, made a digital 12x12 scrapbook page. and made another card (for Valentines day!, although I haven't photographed that yet).

I have also made a Tearooms Update too!

So here's the list...

February Tearooms Update!

Video Tutorial - How to Distress Paper Edges to Add Interest (to Scrapbook pages and cards)

Scrapbooking Sketch and Challenge - February 2010
This shows the digi Layout above - I used the Feb SSN sketch!

Another Vintage Style Birthday Card by SundayL


LikeLoveM said...

Sorry to crash your blog, but I found you on google and really liked your layouts. I scrapbook as well and lately have been stuck on a page. I thought I might ask you for any ideas...I'm scrapbooking a mini golf page. It was for a birthday (adult) and I already half did it, but it looks so plain. Any ideas?

SundayL said...

Hi there, it's difficult to say much without seeing what you have got so far on your page. However, you may have noticed (on your web travels) that layouts can be a bunch of grouped items, photos, embellishments, etc, on one area of the page and the rest is left bare. Especially good if you background paper is patterned. If it's plain, try jazzing up a bare area with strips of different ibbon laid side by side - or strips of patterned paper. Choose a couple of colours from your photos for these. Also making your title extra large can look really good with lots of room around it. Hope that helps a bit! and thanks for your question.