Friday, February 20, 2009

Changes are afoot!

I was going to leave posting till the weekend - when I will be making an announcement.

But then I realised that my computer is going in for major surgery tomorrow and we all know how "interesting" that can make things! LOL

So I am just posting a quick hello now to say that my plan is to post some pictures and words on Sunday... here's hoping everything fits back together again and there are no forceps left in my little pooter! LOL

All will be revealed with the announcement on Sunday... fingers crossed!

Love to all till then and keep on Scrapping!


Mechelle said...

Crossing fingers and toes for your computer! It's so hard to be without one. Can't wait til Sunday to find out the "news".
((hugs)) Mechelle

Jean said...

Hi Sunday
cannot wait to hear what is going on
Jean x