Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Colourful Scrapbooking Layout and the snow!

Hello there! Well all the snow has gone grom my part of the world, much to my daughter's dismay this morning! And to think I was pulling her along on a sled yesterday afternoon! Ah the joys of English weather!

My Mum, who lives only 160 miles to the south (and westish) of me has over a foot of the white stuff! She did send me some photos, but I didn't mention it to Honey as I thought it would be a bit like "rubbing salt in the wound" as they say... anyway... I've included some pictures for you down below.

But I did promise I would show you a colourful layout I made on Sunday.

I made the layout specifically to show an example of a free download which is available in the Februrary issue of the Newsletter.

It is a set of printables (words and alphabet) fo colouring in any way you fancy. I used coloured pencils here as I wanted that "Sketchy" feel, but you can be as creative as you like with doodling, patterns, pens, pencils, paints... the world is your oyster!

So here is one of the photos my mum sent up from the south of England! I particularly like the cones of snow on the top of the lanterns!

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AuroraDawn said...

Fabulous LO Sunday, love the colours. We didn't get anything like that amount of snow - in fact we have glorous sunshine today!