Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stitch & Craft Show at Olympia

Hi there,

Well I hope you've had a good week! I went down to Olympia (in London) to the Stitch and Craft Show 2009!

I took my FlipVideo with me to take some shots, which I did. I was hoping to video lots of demos for you, but sadly there were only a few! I haven't had time to edit the videos yet, mainly as I only got back yesterday and I picked up my laptop with new hard drive, meaning that everything has to be reloaded onto it (and I didn't feel too good for 24hrs either). So I will be making a montage for next time.

But in the mean time here are some stills from the videos.

Also, at the end of this post there is another post today with a "how to video".

As we were there early (by about 15 minutes) a queue was forming!
This (above) is an ingenious little gardget (pack of 4 sizes for £12.99) for helping stampers. It uses a rocking action (one rock across the face of the stamp) for ease of stamping. I will be posting the video with more information shortly.

I took a picture of these because I just love things that are "outsized", either huge versions of smaller items such as these buttons which are about 2-3 diameter, or miniature versions of bigger items. Not to mention I'm a sucker for a rainbow of colours!

This chap (I thought the tattoos were a funny backdrop to the subject matter he was demonstrating!) was demonstrating the wonders of a little gadget from Xcut which fitted their existing punches (both sizes) to align them to helo you make neat borders. More info in the video soon.

This was intriguing... it was a product to decorate in "papier mache" style, although the paper and glue/varnish were a special creation from this company and very versatile, (more in the video demo) it starting me thinking about another use for our scrapbooking papers! Btw, this was a very large giraffe he was decorating! I will try to contact them and see if I can get a picture of the finished animal!

This is a close up of a covered wooden letter.

This was just a bit of self indulgence for me... colour wise that is. I'm not a big user of glitter, in fact I hardly ever use it... I did by a little bottle of Stickles whilst at the show to see what I can achieve, so I am trying ! LOL. But I just loved these colours and the fact that you can buy these glitters by the bag. He does mail order too, so I will give you the details with the video.

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