Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to place Text directly on your Photographs Before printing

Hi there all !

Well there I was poised to create my montage video of my trip to the Stitch and craft Show last week, and low and behold... there is something wrong with my video editing software since my laptop went in for it's new hard drive! Are we all standing in amazement... not really... we've all come to expect that PCs, just like cars can go into fix one thing and come out with something else wrong!

So my montage will have to wait - along with my other videos due to be done this week - till my IT expert (!) can help solve the problem!

Till then, I am sincerely hoping it will be very soon, I am posting another HOW TO VIDEO from the archives (lots more over there too!).

It's about how to place a white title (or any text) onto a photograph before printing it using MS Word.

I hope you find it useful - click here to see the written article and video there or watch below.

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SallyB said...

Brilliant Sunday. I loved the "Fill & Bob" joke too! S x