Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scrapbooking Inspiration from alternative sources

I bought my first ever issue of Vogue magazine recently. I was thumbing through a Christmas issue in the local library and thoroughly enjoyed all it's sumptuous colours and bling... as you would imagine in a festive issue of such a mag!

But whilst flicking through the pages, I starting to be inspired by it's content for use on my scrapbooking pages and other art and fabric projects... BUT, probably not in the way you might think.

My inspiration came from the fact that ANYTHING GOES! That's right, it's a point of fact that any celebrity can be photographed in a paper bag and all his/her followers rush out to buy said paper bag, or an off-the-shelf copy!!!!

If I sound cynical, then yes I am... or should I say I WAS! BUT I no longer tut and say "good grief" under my breath when I see stick insect models with "designed" hair that just looks like they have come through a hedge backwards with pale, drawn, sunken eyes (intentionally painted that way) and pouting, moody lips in a pose that looks akin to needing the toilet!

My Photograph... an Ode to the Handbag "shot" mag page!!! And yes, it's a new handbag and a COMPLETE departure from my normal Black, or Brown utilitarian... will go with anything... usual choice! LOL Do I look moody enough do you reckon?

No, no, no... I rejoice nowadays in the thought that if it's ok to put a blurred picture of a product, such as a tiny clutch bag, on an ill looking model in some Carribean backdrop in the pages of Vogue, then frankly whatever I want to create by way of scrapbooking, art or any other creation is just dandy!

"Stop punishing yourself, Sunday!... stop crtisicing yourself so much that you stop before you even start for fear of it Not Being Good Enough"

Good enough for who anyway?

So I have ripped some pages from this magazine and discarded the rest... and I will go and buy another, because it does inspire me! If they can do it... I can do it and so can you. Why not put whatever the latest fashion is in your next layout? A scrapbooking page with floral print in it, that seems to be the rage now... oh and animal print I understand is BIG news for this season don't you know!

My challenge to you this week... make a self portrait page... put on it whatever the hell you like (within reason) and go mad... then post me a link or send me an email and I'll put it up here. Make a "THIS IS ME" page. I will be making mine (the first of many) this week and will show you all.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunday
I love that photo, very Vogue though maybe you need a touch more pout lol.
I have already done a This is Me LO, you can find it on my flickr, here

Sunday said...

Nice LO, like the mix of paper and fabric - that's very "in" as they say in the offices at Vogue!! LOL
Thanks for sharing
Sunday x

ceruleanblue said...

Love the photo Sunday, fantastic!! And I do rather like your handbag too. I've been using magazines and catalogues for inspiration this week too. I took the colour scheme on my most recent layout on my blog (I've Got a Feeling)from a dress on the front of a Matalan catalogue that came in the post.