Sunday, April 05, 2009

2 Videos - Stitch & Craft Show and a Paper Tearing Technique

Well it's been fun and games at my house!... I have finally managed to edit the videos from the Stitch and Craft show, but only because I have borrowed someone else's machine to do it! (see end)

So below is that video of the Stitch and Craft Show and underneath that is another video! That one is about How to Make Layered Flowers by ripping paper. Quite a useful technique... especially if you have forgotten your scissors! LOL The flowers can be used for scrapbooking pages and for cards, both of which I show you in the "How To" Video.

I hope you enjoy them!

As I mentioned above I, and my computer shop owning friend have spent hours trying to figure out why not one, but two video editing suites won't work on my laptop after it's new hard drive!! I am determined to conquer... not giving up on this one!


craftaddict said...

Hi, Just want to say how much I enjoy your newsletters. It was also great to view the video on the Stich and Craft show at Olympia as my daughter took me there on Mothers Day. We had a great time and also did a workshop.
Thanks for the Paper Tearing Technique, I am going to make some flowers using it. Loving your freebies too.
Eileen Paul

SallyB said...

Very useful as ever Sunday. Thanks for sharing ~ & good luck with the video editing software! S xx