Sunday, April 26, 2009

Video Tour of a Scrapbook Page made using Hybrid Background Papers

I thought, this week I would make a new video for you all! It is what I call a "Page Tour" and I thought it would be a nice and more interesting way to show you a recent layout I have made. I explain more in the video.
The video has come out a little dark, I think due to the strong contrast because of the sunlight streaming through my window at the time. Do make sure you click the "HQ" button at the bottom of the little video window to view in High Quality Video.
Anyway... after watching it, tell me what you think, does a video of a scrapbooking page give you more details? or is a still picture just as good?
Also I have posted any links mentioned in this post below the video itself, such as a picture of the papers from the Pink Damask Collection by Design SundayL (yep, me!) and also below there are a couple of cards (from Sally and Dawn) made using the papers from this collection too.

Here is the preview of papers... click the image to take you straight to the relevant page on the website, scroll down for the papers.

Below are a couple of cards made using this collection of papers... the first is by Sally

And the second one (below) is by Dawn.

Thanks to both of them for trying out the Pink Damask Collection papers and designing these lovely cards.

And here is a quick card (20 minutes!) that I made with my 5 year old daughter as a thank you card to one of her friends (and her parents) for including her in a small gathering of girls for a birthday party at a "Build a Bear" Shop! She came home with a lovely (and quite large) panda bear!

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ceruleanblue said...

Lovely cards from Dawn and Sal. I like the pp on ours too Sunday