Sunday, October 04, 2009

3rd Mini Album Video, Cup Cake Card Tutorial & Inspiration

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 4th October 2009

I've spent best part of yesterday and today away from my laptop. Why? Because I thin k I'm suffering a little with "burn-out"! I need to ease off! I tried to scrapbook yesterday, for myself, but ended up making 2 scrapbooking videos instead... I just can't help myself apparently!

However I did spend the whole morning with Inde preparing and practising at a Public Agility Display. His first outing in public and I wasn't sure what he's do (he's a bit nervous!) but he was excellently behaved!

Anyway enough waffle... here's the round up...

3 Easy 4×4 mini albums - Video Tour 3
Here is the last in the series of short videos showing you the three mini scrapbook albums I made using just one piece of 8×8 cardstock and patterned paper each. This album is quite “girly” using more K&Co Papers “Sparkly Sweet”. All the albums are 4×4 and quite cute really! ...


“Man Card” Video - funny!
Only us crafters would find this funny! The description of the video - “How to make a hand made card with tools already in your garage! “...


Scrapbook Sketchbook Winners announced - Video Draw!
I posted a video of me drawing the names out of a hat (literally) for the sketchbook giveaway, all three winners have now contacted me, but you mayt still like to see the video...


Some inspiration from across the web now...

Christmas is early this year by Jeja


A Cupcake tutorial from Ingvild
Yes they DO look good enough to eat I reckon!


A New Star...

Scrapworld... suffice to say there is loads of scrapbook inspiration on this lady's blog, she's on a number of design teams, which should tell you she's good!

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