Sunday, May 03, 2009

Scrapbooking Layout - Single Photo - "It's Time"

This 12x12 scrapbooking layout is a pretty simple one, it's a single picture and pretty monochromatic design! The photograph is the one I posted a few posts back, about my "micky take" on the Vogue models looking so serious and gloomy all (well most) of the time. The magazine could do with a few more smiley faces - and frankly so could the catwalks!

Anyway, that's the reason for the expression!

But I used this picture to do some experimenting in Photoshop Elements and thought I would actually use the resulting image.

I drained some of the colour and used a couple of filters, the most noticeable being one which makes the photograph look like it has been sketched with pencil, (not that you can really see it, so here is an enlargement... the sketchiness is most noticeable on the bag). I also made the whites of my eyes more white - maybe a bit creepy?! LOL

It's quite a cheap page really, I used ordinary paper for the photograph (as opposed to photographic paper - see this video TIP about this), one piece of grey 12x12 cardstock and the flowers were from a bloom which I took apart so a few pence each, and the other bits and pieces were fairly inexpensive too.

In case you are wondering... as my husband was when he came over to inspect... the title - "It's Time" refers to a number of things, and so I haven't elaborated on the scrapbooking page.

It's Time refers to...

  • time for me to start contributing more to the family's coffers,

  • time for me to start believing in myself and my abilities,

  • time for change with regards to the things (possessions) in my life, ie, buying a coloured (multi-coloured no less!) handbag, that isn't the utilitarian black or brown thing that goes everywhere,

  • time for a new house,

  • time for me to cease curbing my own creativity for fear of critism or rejection...

need I go on... I told you there were a number of things! It's a bit of a "catch all" scrapbooking layout... and will go into my BOM (Book of Me) Album. I think there may well be more as I continue my search for life answers!

Talking of which here is a link to a website to do with scrapbooking your emotions, I reckon everyone should should be scrapbooking their emotions - it's a very cathartic experience!

Although I have just looked up the dictionary definition for "cathartic"... and I never knew that!!!!!!


Avital said...

I like how meaningful your layout is. I'd appreciate seeing some more happy faces as well :)

DJ said...

Great! But where can I buy lever arch files? I live in the U.S. and they appear to be as difficult to find as hen's teeth!