Sunday, July 12, 2009

Multi-photo page Video, Scalloping TIP and an update re the homemade chipboard letters

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 12th July 2009

Hello there... I'm not at home today so I am writing this post from as "remote" computer, in the Foyer of a Hotel (more details next time)... suffice to say the PC has severe limitations, so this post will loklk a bit bland till I get a chance to "pretty it up" a bit later.

But I've fought my way through severe weather, hailstorms, overcome adversity... nah... not really... only joking!

Here's the round-up from the site!

Page Tour Video - multi-photo 8×8 Scrapbook Page
I mave made another Page Tour Video of an 8×8 Scrapbook Page, and this time it’s an interactive one with no less than 4 photographs on one page! (Video at the end of this post)

Photocopying material for Scrapbooking Backgrounds and a Scallop TIP
I thought I would show you some of my recent experimenting! I photocopied a piece of material, which is something I have done a few times before, but this piece was not only a silk (and therefore had a sheen to it) but it also had embroidery on it too.
I wanted to see how it would turn out!

Make Your Own Chipboard style letters - An Update!
I wrote an article not long ago, which had a video, and I showed how to make use of polystyrene pizza bases (click here to see) for cutting out shapes and letters.
In the video (at the bottom of the article) I used a fine nib embossing tool to “cut” through the polystyrene.
Well in response to viewing that I received an email from Joke from the Netherlands, she wrote…

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