Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Scrapbooking Storage Solution, Hybrid Card and a Handbag Tutorial

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 19th July 2009

I have been on holiday! I was scrapbooking by the pool and if you don't believe me... I'll show you a picture over on the blog! I made a little mini album that is now ready to have some holiday pictures inserted. I'll show you those pictures next time too.

As for what I was blogging whilst away... yes I was in the hotel reception writing last week's round-up!... here are a couple of things...

Hybrid Birthday Card with a Twirl!
I made this card for a 50th birthday… for a woman, just in case you were wondering! If you are already a subscriber to the Newsletter you will notice the paper that I have used…? Yes it’s one of the two freebie downloadable papers which I gave away last month as the June Subscriber Freebie! So this is a Hybrid Card.... Read More>>


Scrapbooking Paper Storage Solution
I recently received a comment on one of my YouTube Videos which showed how I store my stickers, rub-ons, etc in Lever Arch Files which stand on my bookshelf on my desk. You can view the video Here... Read More>>


Here are some interesting things from the web...

Firstly a cute "Handbag Tutorial" - that's the handbag is cute, not the tutorial, over on the Inspirational Blog... I may have a go at this one soon!

Scrapperlicious has a lovely mini album and all the pictures are on This Post check it out... it's very sumptuous! Very "touchy feely".


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi there, well this is just beautiful! I love the pink and blue together and how you have distressed it. Simply stunning! Hxx

SundayL said...

Thank you for your compliment Heidi!