Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another event to Scrapbook

Hi there!

Well I am glad that's over...! What am I talking about?

My daughter's 5th birthday party for what turned out to be 16 kids plus a couple of siblings.

Gosh I'm tired, everyone kindly said it was great and the kids enjoyed themselves.

Me... I would call it slightly controlled chaos! I'll be honest and say that at times I felt a little out of my depth... it's over now. Next year... I'll take my daughter and a few friends somewhere and that's it. It's so close to Christmas that December for me, has become stressful.

And I sure don't want to be one of the millions who find this month a stress inducing nightmare!

But, of course, I have some photos... I hope... hubby was in charge of photos and I did have to stage one of daughter blowing her candles out after she had already done it once, but hey... that's showbiz!

I'll be back soon with the Freebie Frenzy Alert!

1 comment:

Mechelle said...

You are brave!! 16 kids sounds like quiet the handful.
Sounds like it was fun though.
((hugs)) Mechelle