Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Colours - inspiration from everywhere

Look at these photos... aren't they lovely. I think they are beautiful !

They evoke an emotion.. at least they do in me.

I realise that the photographer has "fiddled" with these shots, but still... the one of the boardwalk is fairly true to nature.

Twilight is my very favourite time of day. My hubby reckons Dawn is best, but I'll take his word for it, I am a night person, not a morning person!

Sometimes, on my way home from work (this was before my daughter came along) I would park my car a short way from my house (at the time we lived amongst fields) on a high spot where I could soak up the soft rays of the autumn or spring evening sun. It was a lovely feeling. Sigh.

The pictures here are from the "sunset of the Day" widget on the left hand side of this blog, courtesy of Blogger (scroll down a bit if necessary), so you can all enjoy these lovely photos.

Oh and by the way... it's official, Santa has finally finished wrapping my daughter's presents... wink wink!

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suruha said...

Greetings, Sunday. I came over after I got your sweet e-mail for the holidays. I just wanted to tell you that I find your site refreshing and enjoy receiving the news updates. I certainly hope your holidays are more than you wished for and that your New Year is full of joy and successes.