Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oh... it looks like such fun!

I've been in conversation with a lovely lady over in the US this evening called Terrie... hello Terrie, [waving].

We got to talking about our daughters and I asked for a photo and/or a layout, and she sent me these lovely layouts.

Now you can't tell me that you don't just want to be "in there" getting stuck in with all that FOAM!!

Oh, the freedom of childhood!!! FANTASTIC... it makes me want to get out the shaving foam RIGHT NOW! and oh...... how MY daughter would like to get her hands on that lot!

Thanks Terrie for these lovely layouts, I just luurve the title and your little one is very cute!!

The lady in the picture is Terrie's daughter's Nanny by the way (carer type, not grandmother!LOL)

And what's more... is that these pictures are of pages in an album which Terrie made for the Nanny for her birthday... what a thoughtful gift! I would have loved to have received such a gift when I was a nanny (for a couple of years!).


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AuroraDawn said...

Wow that looks fun :) love the LO