Sunday, August 02, 2009

Poolside Scrapbooking, decorated letter blocks, cow mini albums, and interior design

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 2nd August 2009

Well I have been visiting my folks in Surrey (here in the UK) for a few days, and we actually ended up with my mum, my sister, her eldest daughter, myself and my daughter all making a mini scrapbook album each! very unusual for all to do something together like that, and it was nice! Three generations scrapbooking!
I have also spent yet more money on scrapbooking bits and pieces whilst I was out and about down there and when I returned with some lovely lace to share with my mum, she got out a shoe box stuffed with ribbon and lace... forgot she had them and now I had given her an idea of what to do with them! So I ended up with a whole bagful of lengths cut from those too... bonus! I will have to make up some "lacey" scrapbook pages now!

So onto the blog posts over at

Scrapbooking By The Pool
Ok, So it’s not a pretty sight, but it isproof of me “Scrapbooking by the Pool”! Actually this shot was rather dark in the foreground because of the contrast caused by me sitting in the shade and the brightness of the hotel swimming pool in the background. However, my trusy PSE (PhotoShop Elements) allowed me to fiddle with it. Shame I can’t “fiddle” a couple of stone off my body at the same time eh?! LOL

Mini Album - Scrapbook By The Pool
In the last article I showed you what limited supplies I had when on holiday abroad (Majorca) and managed to make a mini album. Well here is the album! This is a Hybrid Scrapbook Album as the papers I have used are from the Colourful Beauty Kit of downloadable papers
As for blog hopping...
Over on the WonderfullyWhimsy Blog there is a lovely post about decorated letter blocks with lots of pictures.

And over on a blog called Scrapsells from Lean there is a lovely mini album with lots of frills and ribbons and girlie stuff, although I note the photos in the album are of "cows"!!! I did notice however that Lean's Dog Misty looks remarkably like my boy Inde... go have a look at her latest layout and see for yourself! Pictures below...

Yeah alright... thay are both border collies! LOL I think it's Misty's expression actually, which looks just like Inde, but I don't have a picture of Inde looking ... "sheepish"... (groaning at bad joke!!)

And Thanks to the blog "Inspirational" for bringing Lean to my attention.

Finally here is a blog I found via Twitter... and I will tell you now that it is NOT a scrapbooking site, infact it has nothing to do with craft at all. It is a collection of beautiful houses and their interiors and worth soaking up the sunny pictures and sense of space, and may be even get a bit of inspiration too!


Vitania said...

Well Thank you very much for mentioning me in your post today. it is very much appreciated. I am off to explore all the wondeful crafts on this site...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the link in your blog post today...what a treat!!!

Lean said...

Yes,thanks for the link in your blogpost.I put my snifferdog as folower on your blog.Great stuff i al ready saw.And Inde looks LOVELY.
bye bye,Lean

Odetta's Scrap-walk-in-closet said...

Lean, way to go girl, I'm a big fan of your work and Misty of course! I love them! Odetta