Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday's Weekly Scrapbooking Round-Up 31 May 09

Hello, I hope you have had a good week. I have had a very "Scrapbooky" week I am pleased to say! I had some scrapbooking time with my Mum on a recent visit to her house (once we managed to get my daughter in bed for the evening!) and I made a couple of pages, bought some stash (actually quite a bit...sshhhh!) and then spent yesterday at an all day (10.30-4) local crop where I managed the best part of 2 pages, but have to finish them off here.

Right now (after writing this post) I have to continue setting up a new website for my husband! Phew!

So... on to scrappy links for you this week.

I posted an article about two ways to get scrapping if you have frozen yourself into inaction because you believe that you have a mountain of photos that you SHOULD scrapbook. One of them includes making pages without photos (as in the picture above)! It also includes a snazzy photo viewer which I have just installed on the blog too. Click here to read more>>

I can't post the other finished layout as it has been submitted to a magazine, which reminds me that now that my last layout was published and the issue is on sale now, I must ask the Editor if I can share my page on my blog now!

Below is just one of many beautiful layouts by Chelsea Cook, I do like her style. I am very much "into" the edge curling and "softly shabby" look and seem to be creating similar style pages myself at the moment. And actually, looking at Chelsea's layouts has reminded me of an idea I had a while ago, which was to regularly scraplift a page from a blog and show you my version along with the original (with links of course). So I think I will start with one of Chelsea's scrapbooking pages seeing as they are so beautiful... let's see if I can do justice... the only problem is... which one to pick!

Visit Chelsea's blog to see more (one word of caution is that there is music that plays automatically, but no way of turning it off that I can see, so beware if your speakers are up loud, autoplay music can cause me a problem sometimes as I often blog-hop late at night, within feet of a sleeping hubby and daughter!) An alternative is to visit Chelsea's Gallery on

A while ago I wrote some articles about Why we should Scrapbook Ourselves. This was in response to conversations I had had with ladies about creating self-portrait pages. I think it is a lot more "normal" now to make pages about yourself including photos of yourself, but many still believe it is a bit self-indulgent. Frankly, the hobby itself (as with any hobby - it being something you do for your own amusement) is self-indulgent so let's brush that aside and get scrapping ourselves. We can learn a lot about ourselves by doing so, not to mention learning about (and connecting with) others who shares their thoughts and pictures.

Anyway, as I am writing an ebook about to "How to Photograph Yourself the Easy Way with Great Results", I thought I would post the article on the new blog. Here is the link to "Why we should Scrapbook Ourselves>>

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