Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free Printable Calling Cards - for Scrapbooking Pages?

Free calling cards, how very old fashioned! Read the article on the site on some ideas why you might actually like to have some now-a-days.

There is a free download of the printable cards available on the site (it's a pdf file, so you will need Adobe Reader).

Quoted from the site...

"Back in the day, when stopping by a friend's house was "coming to call,"
ladies and gentlemen carried calling cards to announce to their would-be hosts
just who had arrived--or who they had missed if indisposed. (If well-to-do folk
could have bothered themselves to answer their own doors, maybe this little
nicety might never have come to be.)..."
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I thought that was amusing! Anyway I downloaded the files and you only need to change the details on the first card and the rest change automatically. Do read right down to the bottom of the article for the option to download a "multi line" version - as you see in the picture.

Read more and download the free printables>>

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