Sunday, May 17, 2009

Patchwork Card - stitched scrapbook style

Here is a picture of a card I made for the crop last week to help demonstrate a Patchwork style - which was the theme for May's session.

I have deliberately not put a greeting on the card, as then I have the flexibility to use it for any occasion, by personalising it when I need to.

To make the card, I have adhered the paper onto the card to just hold in place, being careful not to put sticky dots where the sewing needle would be going (otherwise it gets glued up and ends up in a right old mess!). I then used the sewing machine around the edges of the paper. Closeup below.

I stitched the patterned papers to a piece of cardstock which I then adhered to the font of the blank card. In that way I have hidden the back of the stitching and covered the back of the brad used to hold the ribbon in place.

Just a simple bit of stitching makes a card seem that much more professional. Oh and the patterned paper second form the left (large pink flower) is a photocopy of a napkin!!


heritage patchwork said...

This is a unique and very creative idea.I love to send cards and wishes and warmth through these messages so I am stealing your idea too.May I?

Tania M. Gould said...

THis is way too cool! What a fabulous idea! Love the "napkin"! Thanks for sharing!