Sunday, May 03, 2009

You Too can Take Self Portrait Photos

I am currently writing another book! I am tailoring a version of it specifically for scrapbookers!

The book is about how you can take a self portrait photograph in the comfort and, most importantly, privacy of your own home, with little equipment.

The reason I am tailoring for scrapbookers is because I believe it is important for scrapbookers to have and, if possible, be proud of (or at least pleased with) a photograph of themselves.

This is important because these people can feel much more comfortable making pages about themselves.

And why is That important... well a lot of scrappers have children which would enjoy seeing photogrpaphs of their mum, they won't care what the photo looks like, but mum does, so always shys away from cameras... am I right? And the same goes for anyone with relatives frankly, we all want to have nice pictures of our friends and relatives.

Well with my up coming book, showing step by step instructions, you will be able to.

Take this photograph as an example. I took it today with my daughter's camera. (We spent all of £29 on a little digital camera for her - a proper one, but for £29 it's no Fuji or Canon I can tell you - but it was better than the toy ones for resulting pictures!)

Anyway... quite often this camera has real trouble with over exposure and the end result can be useless. However, this self portrait is very over exposed, but it works! It can take quite a bit of fiddling in a photo editing programme to get the same effect - an effect often used in magazines!

I have not edited this photograph at all, I have merely cropped in tight to discard the background (which happened to be my very messy craft room as I was in the middle of a scrapbooking page this afternoon!)

Now in case you are thinking that the "bleached out" look isn't to your taste, let me just tell you that I had no make-up on at the time, apart from some lipstick! And although I would love to say my complexion is glowing at all times, sadly it is not. The bleached out (overexposed) effect of the photograph is flattering in that it has belached out all imperfections of my skin! A real bonus if you are unhappy with your complexion for whatever temporary, or permanent reason.

So even with a Really cheap digital camera, half way decent photos can be achieved almost "by mistake"!

Watch this space for more news on the Self Portrait Photography book.

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