Sunday, July 08, 2007

Book Review – "Book of Me" and "Book of Us"

I thought I would do a review of a couple of books I have had for a while:

The Book of Me and the Book of Us by Angie Pedersen.

Now I probably bought these in the wrong order as I bought the “Book of Us” first, that’s because I couldn’t get hold of the BOM (Book of Me) at the time. But because of that I was disappointed with the BOM.

The layouts in the BOM are what I would call primitive in comparison to the Book of Us (BoU) which is packed full of sophisticated (and sometimes complicated) fantastic layouts and albums.

Of course the BOM was one of Angie Pedersen’s first books and was written before the explosion in all things lovely in the Scrap World!

Book of Me

However, BOM is great for beginners… it will not overwhelm the beginner into inaction. The layouts are fairly simple and should actually coax the beginner into attempting a layout or two.

However, for experienced scrappers too, there are lots of great prompts to trigger journaling, ideas for photos, ideas for memorabilia, website addresses for more information.

It also gives you lots of quotes for different chapters such as, childhood, friendship, homemaker, character, personal power, dreamer. There are 15 chapters in all.

A good start for someone wanting to explore self portrait pages and “get the juices flowing”. 80 pages.

The Book of Us

I particularly liked this book as the example layouts/albums are “sumptuous”… there are some fantastic layout ideas in this book. I actually refer to it a lot.

There are 10 chapters including headings such as: Our Perspectives, Circle Journals, Our Love, My gift to You (about making a mini album for someone).

Again there are lots of quotes for you to use, pages of “journaling prompts” which are very helpful to get you started and the photography of the layouts and albums is sharp so that you can clearly read the journaling, some of which is really touching.

In this book there are also supplies lists for the items displayed. 160 pages.

All in all I would definitely recommend The Book Of Us as a scrapbooking resource of inspiration.
For more information visit the link below:-

The Book of Us: A Guide to Scrapbooking About Relationships

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