Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Layouts - Not quite using a kit!

Now I am a bit of an ecclectic sort! I like a bit of this and a bit of that... I love variety. Which is probably why I find kits a bit restrictive on their own.

However, use one in conjunction with my own "bits" and things begin to unfold! Or fold up depending on what I'm doing!! LOL.

The layout here (I Love Lammie) was made as an experiment to see if I could make a whole page just using a kit.

The kit in question is the "Srap Pad to Go - Peabody" from K&Co.

Unfortunately I couldn't quite manage just using the kit! So no surprise there then! But I made a good attemp.

I also used this pad to make an exploding box for mother's day. I have taken the photos, but haven't got around to formatting them for on here... suppose I'll have to get on with that now then, eh?! I will try to post them shortly.
I used to think that double sided papers/card were a bit of waste (the Scrap Pad to Go sheets are all double sided), but for things like exploding boxes, they are great because you see the pages from all sides (well technically just both sides!).

Good for concertina booklets and the like too. Which reminds me - I will be posting an article about making a "valentines" or "anniversary" booklet shortly. Even the most die hard non-crafty person can't resist one of those... especially if it's about them!!!!!!!

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