Friday, July 20, 2007

Scrapbooking Intention - done it!

Well I've managed to scrap a page of pictures of my car!

As I mentioned on Wednesday I was going to scrap a page about my car, it definitely focuses the mind to get it done!

I have used a sketch (as the theme for the crop tomorrow is about using sketches) - it's from the Little Book of Sketches blog. This is a good site for some quick "sketch" inspiration. I will post the photo of my finished layout after the crop tomorrow, although I do have to help out on a gate tomorrow evening at the local Carnival so may not actually get to take a picture and get it uploaded between the crop and that, but there's always Sunday. Are you in a rush?
I bet by now you have said... "Well why am I looking at a picture of a layout about Koi then?" Well the answer to that one is simple... I can't upload the Car one yet, so I thought I give you something esle to look at!
The method in my madness is that for this layout (because the Koi is orange - it's name is Tango!) I needed to use orange in the layout and so I decided to really go out of my comfort zone and use the blue and green, three colours I am not drawn to - my colours are more reds, browns and pinks.
Anyway, the very tenuous link between this layout and the car one I have just completed is the fact that the latest layout is green and blue only. I keep looking at it and wondering??!!
But... you can judge for yourself soon!


I Made This said...
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I Made This said...

I couldn't get the link to show up!

On Ebay search for the seller; lizbethblu

They have gone up a few pound since I bought £20 for a A4 sheet inc P+P, but still very bargainous!

Sunday said...

Thanks for that I will take a look and see what I can find