Sunday, July 01, 2007

Scrapbooking Ourselves

Following on from the posts regarding “Why we should scrapbook ourselves”, it seems that it is an interesting subject to a lot of people. I have a feeling this blog may go that way, to try to discuss the various issues people may have about Personal Scrapbooking.

I found this post, over on the “A Life Unrehearsed” blog. It’s about a “Personal page layout” and the explanation of this one woman (the designer of the layout pictured) as to why she is scrapbooking herself – as written in the journaling which is also copied below for easy reading.

Anyway… this is (most) of the content from that post by Bonnie Kempenich on the “A Life Unrehearsed” blog...

Scrapbooking Ourselves.
This is why we do it, right here.

Her journaling reads:
Scrapbooking myself, taking photos of myself and telling my life story seemed strange to me at first, kind of vain in a way. But when I saw my children and husband's reactions to the pages about me, their genuine interest and my girls telling me how cool it will be to have stuff about their mom when they are older, I threw my inhibitions out the window. Realized telling my story through my scrapping is therapeutic for me. And it's important. I find a lot of inspiration in my life, in my experiences and I now love being able to express who I am, where I've been and where I want to go on the pages I make. And my kids will have these bits and pieces of my life to look back upon.

She said it all.
We're not being vain. We're being real.

Leaving a bit of us behind for our children, after we're long gone.
So important -
That our children not only remember the fun, happy times, the special events - but that, they also get to know the real woman. The real woman they call MOM.
The inspirational page layout is by Kate O’Brien and she has given me permission to publish it here for you. Not only is she scrapping loads… but she has 7 children!!! Incredible Kate - I take my hat off to you!

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karelyn said...

Loved reading your blog, Sunday, hoping to get to the crop in August if there is one. Missing your views on economy and value for money.