Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Keeping your ribbons in place

I, like a lot of people, like to put ribbons and fibres on the book rings of my projects.

Pictured is a paper bag book album.

Some ribbons, such as rikrak and some of the cheaper ribbons are happy to be tied once and stay put on the rings. Others, however, (the better quality, double sided ones) quite often untie themselves.

I had to re-tie a number of ribbons which had fallen off on a recent Circle Journal!

So, some tips for keeping the ribbons, etc, where you put them...

1. Try knotting the ribbon twice, sometimes this is all that's needed.

2. Once you have tied the ribbon, you can use a bit of pvc glue "inside" the knot, using a clip of some sort to hold it place whilst it dries. The thin precision nozzles on a number of crafters pvc glue bottles makes this easy.

3. Tie the ribbon once and then use a brad to hold it. Can make for nice decoration if you use a contrasting colour.

Happy tying!! again

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