Monday, July 07, 2008

Holiday snaps - badge album

A quick post here tonight! Why... well mostly because my internet connection seems rather intermittent this evening!

Anyway, I have been on hols... went to Majorca for a week.

I have recently downloaded a freebie from Digital Freebies... their "Friday Freebie" in fact, from last week. It is a little set of six 2.5" x 3" approximately simple layouts (business card size - referred to as "China Tea Badge Album - Digital Couture").

Had a quick fiddle with these and a couple of "snaps" fresh from holidays!

Hard to think that less than two days ago I was enjoying an evening drink poolside!

Second picture has two other digi items -
flower = lriordan_funkyfloral_flower
Quote = SimplySarah_WA_GreatMen

When I get my act in gear and organise my digi stuff properly I will be able to tell you the designers!!! tut
But thank you to those designers, as I think both items were freebies.
Oh and by the way, the 6 "badge layouts" are different clours, I just happen to post 2 of similar colour here!

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