Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tag your It! Fairy tag

About a week ago I posted a little item about a site called "Tag Your It" (see this post).

Well the theme for that particular tag was "fairies".

Well my take on the theme is a bit off the wall! Twee colours (with the pink and green) but not your usual fairy picture!

So I have gone for a "journaling tag" and the journaling reads...

“What are those Mummy?”
Honey asked pointing to dust particles sparkling as they floated in a beam of sunlight through the lounge window…
“Dust Fairies!” I replied!
Now she’s eager to spot “Dust Fairies”… there are millions in my house… you just need a ray of sunshine to see them!!

Now then.... where's that duster??!! LOL


Sam Morris said...

LOL, this is FABULOUS!!!! Great idea to do the journalling (those dust fairies get around you know!!) Thanks so much for taking part in this challenge :)

Anne said...

FANTASTIC!!! I've got billions of dust fairies in my house (many of them sparkle too, particularly around my craft table area!!! LOL!! I absolutely ADORE your tag, it's a fabulous take on the theme!! I'm so glad you did play along - although we use the word challenge, these aren't intended to be 'challenges' as such, more as inspirational themes and there is absolutely no deadline whatsoever, we just set a new theme each week to 'add to', rather than 'instead of' - IYKWIM?? So if you fancy making a tag on any of the previous themes, do send us a link so we can come and ogle it!! It's great to 'see' you! ;o) xx