Monday, July 14, 2008

Inspiration from others

I have a set of photos printed out, ready for a double page layout!

Hmmm... scratches head... that's as far as I have got!

I have collated a few other things like papers into a folder, but that folder has been around for nigh on 6 months!!! Waiting, patiently for the time.

So, after a week away on holiday and then a 2 day course in London less than a week later, you can imagine I have had little time to do any scrapping at all!

So tomorrow I plan to do these 'ere pages. They will be a 1 hour challenge to myself.

Having said that, I plan to take my inspiration from the scrapbooking layout you see here which is a page by Jodie Armitage in Australia.
My theme is Pirates, because Honey's 4th birthday party was at a pirate themed play centre, so I thought the wavey line on Jodie's layout was a good start!
So watch this space!

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