Saturday, July 05, 2008

Those expressions

I was in the front garden recently taking photographs of roses for my recent Circle Journal pages and my four year old daughter came out to join me.

She was admiring the different flowers.

"Look Mummy," she said, "Red Bluebells!!"

I frowned for a moment as I didn't understand what she meant, till I looked up and she was admiring the Cape Fuchsias, or Phylegius, although I can't remember the correct spelling right now! (anyway, they are pictured here).

"Oh yes," I said, "They are a bit bluebell shaped aren't they?!"

I love the little expressions children come out with... I realise it's only because they don't have the wide knowledge base to draw from in their vocabulary, but all the same, the simple thought process are delightful!

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Dee said...

Lovely flowers, it is so nice when children make us smile with their comments.

There is something on my blog for you.

Dee x