Friday, November 07, 2008

More Bangs and Hisses

Well you know here in the UK, we have Bonfire night, Guy Fawkes night, whatever one wants to call it. Basically nowadays that means lots of people buy a box of fireworks for their garden and every night for about a week either side of the actual night of 5th November, there are sporadic bangs.

Toffee doesn't like bangs... Harley just can't hear them I don't think, because he used to be bothered, but now it's just Toffee. Inde doesn't appear to be bothered at the moment.

On 5th there were more bangs, and coming from clse neighbours too, so I was sitting here at my computer with Windows Media Player blasting out some BonJovi to try to mask the noise, with Toffee curled up in a ball resting on my feet! Poor little mite. It worked though!

I was thinking actually... I know that fireworks this time of year is a very English thing, but there don't seem to be many firework related scrapbooking layouts around, or kits or embellishments, traditional or digital... I realise it's difficult to take photos of fireworks, but surely we can embellish with some simulations. After all we take our kids out on Bonfire night to stand in the cold... oh that reminds me what I'm doing this evening. Honey's first Bonfire Night attendance!

I used to loathe my mum dragging us out for that! LOL Honey seems quite keen at the mo and it's at her school, so she's more keen maybe!

i'll let you know how she feels in a few year's time eh!?

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