Sunday, November 09, 2008

Party Planning all day! oh and some Bonfire Night photos

I feel as though I have spent the whole day browsing the internet looking for suitable party goods for my daughter's 5th Birthday party coming up soon.

I really wanted to give it a break... there are only so many party bags and party plates you can take in one day... but I made myself finish and ended up ordering £60 of stuff from to online shops!!!
Still I'm hoping now that apart from the food and drink (which will be extremely simple!), oh and the cake of course, I have sorted the expense side of the party and just (she says rolling her eyes) work out how to entertain 20 kids for 2 hours! LOL.

Actually I do have a "cunning plan", but need to sort out the games and time table... military operation and all that, what what!!
I might set up a Kid's Party Planning Business !LOL

Anyway, other things... It was lovely weather for the fireworks on Friday evening, and the weather has not been good since, so in true "English" fashion... I'll say ... "we were lucky with the weather" LOL

I took some photos, before my batteries gave up... on the camera you understand... not mine! LOL

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