Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scanner Trouble!

Hmmm... I sat here drawing a sketch for you all and then my scanner refused to work! tut (a lot!)

So I will have to reboot and hope that fixes the problem. Or take a photograph. So hopefully will be up for you soon.

An update on Inde... home safe and sound... couldn't get in the car fast enough, bearing in mind his history of disliking cars! But he's bright enough. Does need his "funnel" on (or Elizabethan collar as they call it) to stop him licking the stitches! bless him.

But he's a good boy... I have removed and replaced the funnel a couple of times and he just sits patiently while I fumble and swear and curse under my breath at the fiddly plastic tabs.

Oh and 10 days of no running around?!!! A border collie... I think not! A couple of days and he'll be wired if he can't run.


Jean said...

Glad Inde is alright, he has the most beautiful face.
I expect feeling a bit sorry for himself (who can blame him.

Hope you managed to get the scanner going okay.

Jean x

Sunday said...

I have to say Jean, after a bit of wobbly early evening, he's been wanting to play all the time... I took him for a lead walk but he can't understand why he can't play! Well at least it's only for a short time!