Thursday, November 20, 2008

ScrapBuddies Sketch Series Number 7

Well the scanner seems to want to play ball now!

I didn't have time to shut it all down last night and reboot... I had too many windows open. So I have fired it up again this afternoon and hey presto it's behaving.

So here is the sketch which I drew for the "In Strawberry Fields" scrapbooking layout (see this post). As you can see my layout is different from the sketch, just to prove the point that you don't have to stick exactly to the sketch. And I know a lot of you don't which is great for variety.

Although I have to say that I have seen some resulting scrapbooking pages from sketches are nothing like the original sketch, and I wonder if indeed the creator was actually looking a the right sketch in the first place LOL!

I helped one of my bosses this morning to print a couple of photographs, explaining my way of placing the pictures into word and printing from there. He said he'd forget next time round! Which reminds me that I must make a video of how to do this. I have published an article on the subject, but maybe a video you help too, as I know there are others struggling to quickly print out photos.

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