Sunday, November 02, 2008 Blinkie !

Well I actually managed to make my first ever blinkie !! Woohoo... only took one and a half hours, when I really should have been doing something else! LOL (see also earlier post)

Still I have already sorted all Honey's stuff ready for her first day back at School after the half term break, and sorted the packed lunches ('s' refers to the fact that I have to make one for myself too as I work in an ordinary office a couple of days a week!) so I started fiddling and you know what's it's like... "I'll just do this quickly" ha ha!

Well I'm impressed that I managed it in only 90 minutes! Here is a tutorial I found on the web about making a blinkie using PhotoShop Elements (which I use).

So what do you think then? Oh and I've added some other graphics to the side too... scroll down to see... mmmm... lovely sunsets!

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