Friday, June 29, 2007

Quick and Easy Conversion to Black and White

Sometimes, we have just the right papers for a particular “type” of photo, but the photograph’s colours just clash with the kit we’ve put together… the answer…

Change the photographs to black and white.

The layout pictured here includes a photograph of my daughter wearing a bright red top and jeans! However, printing the photograph in black and white allowed me to use this fabulous blue paper from K & Company (from 8.5 x 8.5 Garden Collage Pad). This page was made up during a demo about using patterned paper. This shows the simplicity (pardon the pun with regard to the LO title!) of making a page using heavily patterned paper. All I have done here is cut out some of the images from the paper which would end up behind the photo anyway, and adhered them to the front.

I have also carefully cut around some of the images and just slipped the photo underneath. In theory I would not need to glue it in place as these "cut outs" are holding the photo in place. The only things I have added to this patterned background is ribbon and the rub-on words.

Below is a little article by Christine Smith I found on ...

There are plenty of ways to convert a photograph to black and white for use on a scrapbook page! Even without photo editing software, you can do it in one of these three ways:

1. If you are without a digital camera or photo editing software, use your scanner. Place the photo you wish to convert on your scanner and set your image type to grayscale. Scan as usual, and you will have a black and white image with which to work. If you print this image with your color printer, be sure to set your printer ink setting to black and white so that your printer will not use color ink to make the grey, causing an off-cast color.

2. If you already have an image file on your computer, such as from your digital camera or a scan and it is color, try setting your printer to black ink and printing it -- instant black and white! Be sure to use photo paper for the best results.

3. If you have a digital camera and want to easily convert to black and white, use the digital kiosk at your favorite chain store or photo store to do the conversion.

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