Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Circle Journal

You can tell it's Christmas time... normal things get shoved aside in the necessity to write cards, wrap presents, put up decorations... all stuff you wouldn't do every day because... you just don't have the time!! But do these things we must!
I have a chocolaty sort of theme going on... gold and brown with bronze on some of the wrapping paper and the tree, don't think my 4 year old daughter is that keen!! Kids always like lots of colours.
Anyway, I thought I would post a couple of pages of a circle journal I did with my Scrapbuddies group back in January. The whole book is posted on the Scrapbuddies website.
The idea for showing you this now..? Prepare for the Christmas layouts... think a little bit in advance (when standing in that looooong checkout queue at the supermarket with a trolley stuffed with food - LOL) about the pictures you could take that are a little bit different from the norm... like different angles, looking down on people, or sitting on the floor looking up at them for instance.

Then there are all the "bits" you can collect, such as little pieces (!) of wrapping paper and cracker bits, wrapping ribbons, product labels (Christmas pud labels/cooking instructions) to use on your backgrounds. Or even make up a background paper by colour photocopying a collage of all these things.
The theme for the Circle Journal was "Likes and Dislikes about Christmas". Quite interesting what people come up with!

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