Friday, December 21, 2007

Settling in

Well I think our puppy, Inde, has basically settled into his new home... don't you think? These some recent pictures taken of him with our other 2 dogs, Toffee the Jack Russell and Harley the old (11 yrs) Labrador. We are now at the stage of taking his cage down, something I plan to do this weekend.

As we have a dog flap, his house training has been very easy really. The odd few accidents, but he just takes himself outside as and when he needs to!

Strangely I haven't made any scrapbook pages about the new arrival yet! But then frankly I have not really had the time! Whatever scrapping I have done has either been for a crop demo or presents or trying to just catch up with all those past events that should have been done by now!

I have just reminded myself of all the pages I have to do, because I have been trawling through the last 2 years of digital photos copying relevant ones onto a disc to put in a digital picture frame. I can feel some digital pages coming on!

Time to squeeze loads of photos onto one page! I do admire the stylish layouts which only have one picture, but at the end of the day, I want to "cram 'em in" to get the event scrapped and available for viewing. And of course with Christmas coming... my digi photo album is getting fat - I don't know about the geese! LOL

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