Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scrapbooking gifts for Christmas

It's a race against time now isn't it?! Is every Scrapbooker going mad rushing to make Scrapbooking gifts for friends and family... or is it just me?

I know you're all at it!

I've had some 12x12 frames made up especially so I HAVE to do mine - I've got 3 to do. Well actually I have finished one this evening.

Can you see it...? well unforunately no, just in case the recipient is taking a look at this blog! So that will be another item I will be posting a picture of in January LOL!

I am planning on making one for my sister and I will post that one here because the chances of my sister taking a look at my blog are very remote, so I think I'm pretty safe!

As for Christmas cards... good grief no, I haven't even started making or writing any! The picture here is of some I made a couple of years ago... I was trying to use up "stuff" so it was a real mix of styles... still they were liked!

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